When amazing sound is required, then great sound speakers is a must to have. Our review of the Sony CMT-HX50BTR Micro Hi-Fi system gives you an insight to a micro Hi-Fi system that actually delivers.

Sony CMT-HX50BTR Micro Hi-Fi is one of the micro systems that is unique. It got the looks, got the features and it forms your room with good music tones. The system also support for Apple iPhone thru its iPhone connector. The system also got a USB port in the front for playing MP3 music from a mempen. You can also connect any Bluetooth device to the system and also use Audio In from any devices like mobiles with minijack connectors to get external music source to play on the system. This system makes sure that you have a complete micro Hi-Fi system with more features that just makes it amazingly great.

Have the ability to entertain your home. The speakers coming with the standard setup are Good and they can handle loud sounds pretty well. I had this Sony Micro Hi-Fi system for testing now for over a year and I must say that I am very happy with it. However. A small dissapointment gives the scars to the system that it shouldn’t get. The speaker connectors are proprietary Sony connectors that is only compatible with this system.

The LCD display is of old sort and I love that. Makes it feel like a Hi-Fi system, even if its not. There is also a remote control shipping with the hi-fi system,  which is easy to use. You can even change music on your USB memstick with it. There is also sets of navigation and function buttons on top actually does their job perfectly also. Navigating this system is one of its strongest sides.

Sound quality
The sound is good and clear. Speakers are good. They have their own specific connectors which means that you should be carefull when connecting them and disconnecting, but they are all fine.

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