Review of Remember for BlackBerry OS 10

Tasks list showing tasks content and even pictures also

With every BlackBerry OS 10 devices, you will always get the Remember app. So, we decided to make a Review of Remember.

This is a quite useful program that let’s you have full control of  your daily tasks, notes and tags. It is one of many BlackBerry OS 10 apps that should be found on every Android and iOS device as standard, because this app is really handy to have. There are some very nice 3rd party apps for Android that I know of, but nothing as perfect as this one. And it’s totally ads free also. Read On…

Don’t forget Anything with Remember for BlackBerry OS 10

There is always something that you forget to buy at your local grocery store or forget doing something important. Then this Remember app is a perfect app for just that! With Remember, you won’t forget anything. The app let’s you take camera pictures or even record voice messages if that is needed live for each tasks. You can also put lot’s of information for each task and add both live camera pictures and recorded voice to each of the tasks. This Remember app is quite extensive, but it is easy to understand and use.

With the notifications on, BlackBerry Hub function is also used. A fantastic app without any ads, which makes it really neat. This app is a reason for having a BlackBerry OS 10 device just alone!

Review of Remember for BlackBerry OS 10

Once you select the Select More function, its quite easy to choose the tasks that you want to Delete

Review of Remember with positive and negative sides of the app

So! Either you are in school, at work or have many tasks at home. There is always something that people forgets to do. Remember helps that and makes daily tasks easier to remember. So, when creating a new task in Remember app, then you can add Title, Additional notes and Tags. Then you can set a Due Date, so that this new task that you are creating will pop up on a specific date. You can also set a Reminder on your task note. So, if you want to add a picture from the camera or add a voice recording you can also add it to your task. You can also have both on the same new task note you are making or you can click the task later and edit at anytime you want. Remember app also let’s you have several pictures if its needed, and you can also add other attatchments like a Picture, Video, Audio or a File stored on your phone to your task.

This app is really powerfull and it is almost perfect. However, there should be an much easier way to select more tasks at one time. The way you have to do it isn’t difficult at all, but few wouldn’t hurt. Now, if you want to select more. Then you need to select one, then select that you want to select more and then you can select more. This feature should just be activated from the start when you hold down on one task. Oh well, with this way of doing. You are more secure on what you do eventually.

Review of Remember for BlackBerry OS 10
Here you can see how the recorded voice and the camera images and pictures is shown under Attachements. Remember is really an Feature rich reminder app for sure! This app is really great to have. Also here you can see the possibilities on top to cancel or save. If you hit the cancel part and you’re not finished. You will get up a alert box. So, this app will take care of your actions all the way. Now, that’s really great!

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