You might think that a Mac made in 2012 actually have better sound-quality than a Mac from 2004. … We tested a mainstream OS versus a lightweight OS which is hardly known outside of Amiga communuty.


Let’s roll the test between MacOSX and MorphOS

In this test, I have focused on the sound quality produced by MacOSX and MorphOS. Audio IN have been used on the Sony CMT-HX80 micro HI-FI sytem, for MacOSX and MorphOS tests. We tested this several times and concluded the fact that MorphOS produces better sound. Why? We aren’t experts in this field, but we both agreed that the sound felt more alive from MorphOS.

On MacOSX we used iTunes for music. On MorphOS we used the internal Ambient mediaplayer and Aminetradio which does have similarities to ITunes. We used the same .MP3  soundfile on both systems also and we didn’t gave up listening until we found the differences. iTunes sound sounded more unclear in all of the tests. In fact, the difference is so huge that when you manage to hear the difference between cassette and CD audio. Then you know what I am talking about.

What causes iTunes to perform so much worse, it is a mysterious thing for us. When we did test VLC on MacOSX, the quality was a bit better in fact. But it still produced some noise that I wasn’t aware of before we did this test. It is vital for me to hear good quality tones. Maybe I am too nostalgic and in fact loves the Amiga sound. But in this case, it’s not the thing. Because the MorphOS machine that we tested on got the very same soundchip as MacOSX that should have produced the very same sound quality out.

On MacOSX it uses fairly new sound drivers, while on MorphOS the operating system uses AHI for producing the sound. If you like today’s sound, you might not understand but AHI does a much better job regarding producing rich sound quality.

This test was made with a Sony CMT-HX80
Tested with iMac i7 from 2012 with latest MacOSX installed and MacMini from 2004 with latest MorphOS installed. We used mini-jack for the sound quality testing. Hope you liked our review. This is our own opinion and you might have a different comment on it. If you do, send a article to [email protected] !


This Hi-Fi system supports!
– CD-ROM audio cds
– Mempen connected to it thru its USB connector
– Bluetooth
– Audio In
– Radio

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