I don’t know in what order I should watch the Marvel series, but after Iron Fist which Distrita gave 4.6 in total, then my next Marvel production became Luke Cage. I started to watch it together with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage somewhat dragged me a bit more. I put my expectations at the same level as before when I watched Iron Fist in this review. I base this reviews on my experience by watching them in the order I have. So, I focus on the characters, story and nudity part. Read on and maybe You will watch it tonight?

Luke Cage is an Interesting Experience and Expectations

My experience with Luke Cage, which I found very interesting also got Unnecessary Moments of Silence. For me, my experience with it was as if the writers of the show didn’t want to give it “that” superpower-series look, but rather a pure detective series to fit the mainstream tv stations that eventualy would broadcast it!? For each of the episodes, from start to the end. Somehow Marvel company that is behind this series, managed to show some quality at the beginning of the series, but as the story progressed they somehow went in favour for much more bloody and open wounds episodes, that replaced the “sexy” look of the characters in the beginning. Read my comments about the topic regarding how I felt about Iron Fist here! Why did you do this?…

More Blood and Nudity than in Iron Fist, Yet it’s not rated “Adult”

Luke Cage is way more bloody than Iron Fist is for sure, but the rating isn’t rated as Adult series at all here in Norway. Who is rating these series? In this series, you must be prepared to see people getting their fingers cut and massive detailed wounds! There is simply too many scenes here, that should be seen as disturbing enough to rate it as a “Adult” series on Netflix. But it isn’t, while Iron Fist is? So, I question those who rate it? I understand that Netflix seems to have different age

Luke Cage is Interesting
photosource: Netflix / Mike Colter as Luke Cage is really something

Weaker than Iron Fist

If I can compare Luke Cage with Iron Fist, then this Marvel production is a bit weaker one for me regarding the continuity from one episode to another. It seems like Marvel tried to attract more people to watch it, by showing more skin in the first episodes??? This comment goes especially to Simone Missick (Misty Knigh), which I noticed to have quite sexy clothes in the beginning of the series. Not just outside, but also at the Police office. However, later she is all covered up. This is a dirty trick to do, and I shouldn’t problebly be affected by it but in Iron Fist they had the same line regarding this thru the whole series, even though I also commented it that review.

Another reason for comment this, is because I feel that there are too many American series producers that likes to replace skin with blood and gore. I am ok if I can get both of it, or get it somehow by the same standards in each episodes of a series, but when you sort of uses the “blood and gore” tactic instead of nudity, I feel it’s unfair. I just do. Because I feel that if I see some male character naked, then why can’t females also be allowed to do that? Yes, I am a man that would do anything to fighgt for Equality in series and Especially in series getting “Adult” ratings. Anyways! I watched Luke Cage from the start to the end!

The thing with that this series allows me to see more skin of both Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and Simone Missick (Misty Knigh) in the start of the series, made me actually love both of the characters more than in Iron Fist overal in the beginning! But as the Luke Cage is interesting, then I continued watching it. However, I sort of lost their personality bit by bit, until it sort of vanished totally before the final episode.

So, now you might ask! Do this trick affect my total verdict of Luke Cage? A bit yes, but not totally No! From the very first episodes until the final episode, Luke Cage somehow lost it’s spirit for each episode by itself, but not only because of my “less skin” argument. The episodes also got weaker, because of the script seemed weaker and weaker. Then in the final episode sort of Luke Cage, I sort of felt that the series became that superhero serial I wanted it to be. Why this slow progress? Also, some of the humour that the series got in the last episode should be used in all of them.

Luke Cage is Interesting
photosource: Netflix / Simone Missick plays really good in Luke Cage

Marvel is good at getting you hooked to their Productions

Iron Fist on Netflix was an incredible fun show to watch! It had action and density in each epsiodes. I am a person, which demands these things in superhero serials from Marvel and I had the same expectations for Luke Cage series. These episodes from Marvel is however, is a bit less good to drag me into it as much as Iron Fist did. But most of the time, Luke Cage story itself tended to drag. The “superhero” aspect tended to be downplayed too many times and Luke Cage is much more of a drama series, with someone who just happened to get superpowers by a experiment that went totally wrong at a prison where he sat for something he didn’t do. There are lot’s of action scenes in some of the episodes, but in others scenes there are just too much focus on wounds and I sort of felt that I was watching IR (hospital drama series) than a superhero Marvel production. Is that right? No, it’s not I think!

I have never read Marvel‘s Luke Cage comic books myself, but I have seen many superhero cartoons in my live. However! WOW! I was much more surprised than my expectations were before watching it all in all. Some of the episodes just didn’t satisfy, but because of the medicore plot and adrenaline thru all of the episodes, I just forced myself to watch Season 1 until the end. Then all of my thoughts of skin and all that didn’t matter in my opinion really.

Many characters did a Fantastic job, while others made me doubt the series at times

Many actors made me hooked, while others I didn’t manage to get any connections with at all. That, might also be quite hurting for the total experience that I got from this series. Those which made me stay, was Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Simone Missick as Misty Knigh, Mahershala Ali as Cornell Stryker (also known as Cottonmouth), Theo Rossi as Hernan Alvarez and especially Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, which I also noticed played fantasticly in Iron Fist. All of these and many more, actually nailed or saved it totally with perfect acting perfomance.


However! Alfre Woodard that plays Mariah Dillard and is supposed to be head of the bad side. is one of the weakest actors. I never got to like her character. Jaiden Kaine that plays Zip also had no impact on me. When he talked, it was as if he didn’t fit into the show at all. Also Erik LaRay Harvey, which played as Luke Cage biggest enemay Willis Stryker (Diamondback), had moments which made me doubt the series at times totally. For the sake of it!.. If they let Cornell Stokes live until the end, Luke Cage would have had a much better ending to it all I bet. This is the biggest and weakest hole in the whole script I think, because Mahershala Ali nailed his role compared to Erik LaRay Harvey and his Willis Stryker role.

Luke Cage is Interesting – A Superhero without Superhero Mind

Mike Colter and Simone Missick saved almost every of the episodes that I saw. The series sort of changed a lot for the worse after the change of the bad guy. However, the final episode managed to show more of how good Erik LaRay Harvey can play. Here he nails almost every scene, but it’s pain seeing him until the action scenes. The calm scenes with him doesn’t give me any connection to him as a character compared to Mahershala Ali which played Cottonmouth. How did the story tellers managed to kill him off in such way? With all the scenes before showing him to be very intelligent bad character and then he out of sudden dies like he did? Out of nothing,.. Poof, he’s dead. Right after the writers put some depth into him. What’s the point???…

A superhero without a superhero mind is what I remember from watching Luke Cage. But Marvel??? Maybe you learned by adding more superhero feel into Iron Fist? I felt that Iron Fist was way more of an superhero series than this. However, he has virtually impenetrable skin and super strength that is seen in some of the episodes, but they do not define him nor make him feel better or worse about himself most of the times. Sometimes there are these long made drama scenes where he questions himself and everyone, with Claire Temple correcting his mind like she does in Iron Fist also. But for the most of the time, Luke is still just Luke. He has powers, he is an escaped criminal, he has many aspects but he is still who he is. The character development for him is well told and engaging, which is also the same case for Claire Temple and Misty Knight which is the mystical Police woman understanding more and more in a brilliant way.

Mike Colter is a brilliant actor from Columbia, South Carolina in USA, so that was extravagnza to see. Luke Cage is interesting because of him. I cannot imagine anyone being better than Mike Colter really. I thought his acting was great and the changing look (sometimes with more hair or beard) were well played. He really did terrific and muscled just the right amount. He just nailed every episode and was one of my reasons for watching all of the episodes until the end.

Luke Cage is Interesting
photosource: Netflix / Mariah Dillard played by Alfre Woodard

Darker Scenes nails almost everything

Some people do not like the show, because of to dark scenes everywhere. However, it is important to remember that it was designed by Hollywood. They just want to somehow pull the series into a direction where you should feel a bit bad about the whole place. For the most of the time, they managed to make the right touch to it. I am not black myself, but I felt it hit the right notes to stay in it’s true to the origins (taking place in Harlem and so forth) while also being relevant.


I cannot say enough good things about this series and I cannot wait for another season or for Luke to turn up on other shows. At least a lot of people referred to him as Power Man (much more than I was expecting) and he kept saying his catchphrase “Sweet Christmas”.

Almost all of the characters had this darker scenes to them. There were very few white characters in the show, but that didn’t make the show less positive. I loved the style, though maybe some of the scenes where he walks in the middle of the street in the middle of the day seems a bit ackward because of the darker mood to it. I understand that this is used for a vampire or a zombie apocalypse movie, but it’s not. Iron Fist is also quite dark, but the day scenes are much better done. When Danny Rand, Colleen Wing or Claire Temple fights outside the atmosphere is correct. Not so in Luke Cage.  The indoor scenes were also a bit to dark at times though. I sometimes felt Batman darkness to this series, which didn’t really fit it at times. I liked when I saw more colours on the characters, but this were too few I think.  Especially the Police headquarters were too dark. This also were seen in restaurants, pubs and inside Mariah Dillard’s house. I can agree if there was lot’s of smoke in the scenes but someone loved the darker scenes thing a bit too much. Yes, most of the characters got darker skin etc but compared to Iron Fist which seems to have this fixed this a lot have a totally different feel to it. Maybe I am too sensitive regarding this, but I went to film and video editing school. I’ve always been sensitive to these things ever since.

Luke Cage is Interesting
photosource: Netflix / Mahershala Ali plays an outstanding bad guy as Cottonmouth in the series

I am satisfied of Luke Cage, Yes I am!

Even though I am quite harsh regarding too much focus on darker scenes, nudity promotion, and some of characters performance. I actually recommend this Marvel production to you if you like a superhero series that is not that superhero series. In my view, Luke Cage is not on the level of Iron Fist for me and I am sure that some people that shakes their heads everytime I mention it. However! Iron Fist gave me more depth, more love, more action and more attatchment to the characters. Rosario Dawson plays as Claire Temple in Daredevil and Iron Fist also. She is brilliant in both. She lighten it up, even though I’ve seen these episodes in wrong order it seems.

  • Actors
  • Atmosphere
  • Dialogue
  • Setting
  • Music

The Final Verdict of Luke Cage

I haven’t got into all the details regarding Luke Cage. There are much more to say about this, but I think that I’ve got the most important things that I noticed while watching the series. I know that I might have left something out, but then I will say it didn’t affected me that much. If you love detective series with supernatural powers then you will love Luke Cage for sure. Also if you are a Marvel fan, this is something you need to watch before The Defenders shows up in summer 2017 on Netflix. Many of the characters from Iron Fist and Luke Cage will be there also. Some will disslike it and others will like it, but now I hope that you’ve got some info. I haven’t spoiled too much, but I needed to add small details to make this Review complete. Enjoy it!