Jessica Jones is a hard nut to crack
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones plays fantastic together for the most of the time! Great actors both of them

After watching Iron Fist and Luke Cage, I ended up finishing watching Marvel series Jessica Jones series from Marvel. I also tried to watch Daredevil, but I am very actor orientated person. If there is a actor that destroys the atmosphere feel, then I am easy at just stop watching a series. However, Jessica Jones two main characters made me interested from the start! So, this is superhero production, that got me quite interested. At times, this series is a perfect superhero production. Especially if I can connect it with the Iron Cage series, but at other times I felt quite irritated by it. The main characters plays awesome as mentioned, but some of the more important ones just ruin it. The script writers seems to had more struggle with the story plot after the first 5 episodes of the series. These later episodes, seemed worse than in Luke Cage own series even, while at other times I think that Jessica Jones managed to do things even better than in Iron Fist. So! Here is my experience with Jessica Jones by Marvel! A yet another series, that is a quite good all in all!… But it got flaws, that tries to ruin the total experience. I am glad that I however managed to get thru all of the episodes of the series. So, here is my experience all in all. Read on…!

Jessica Jones is a hard nut to crack for sure

If you were expecting something as good as Iron Fist? Then the first episodes is in excellent condition, but my experience was rather disappointing given my high experience with the first episodes of the series. Jessica Jones didn’t manage to have the same fluid of quality in each episodes as Iron Fist had at all.

It was only because of Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones in all episodes, Eka Darville as Malcolm Ducasse in some episodes and Mike Colter as Luke Cage in some episodes that Jessica Jones series manages to have the energy it should have. They also made it possible for me to complete the series. Also! Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, managed to act perfectly as in Iron Fist and Luke Cage. However, she only played in one episode and that was one too little for sure I think.

Jessica Jones is a hard nut to crack
photosource: Netflix / One of the scenes from outside! Much lighter than in Luke Cage. However, it doesn’t help when Kilgrave that is played by David Tennant is playing medicore at most of the times like in these scenes outdoors. Krmplmomg!

Very different in character performance

What I didn’t care for in Jessica Jones series, was the number of characters that were introduced for me that just played medicore. But not just that, but actors that played fantastic in Iron Fist and Luke Cage, did actually worse performance in Jessica Jones series I think. One of them is  Carrie-Anne Moss, which plays as Jeri Hogarth in the show. She simply played medicore in this series. This cluttered up the story even more until the end, with uninteresting characters destroying scenes of the series plot in general. The quite many sideplots wasted too much time also, that could have been better spent. They couldv’e been used for resolving the major Jessica-related issues instead. Especially in the last 4 episodes of the series. This resulting in an unsatisfying conclusion (not only due to the anticlimax of the final confrontation). The most irritating character of them all was infact David Tennant, which played Kilgrave.

The actor that plays as Kilgrave is David Tennant. He pays the main bad character, and unfortunate in almost every episode he seems to be not so confident in his role. Maybe, you as a viewer shouldn’t understand what type of personality he is, but he didn’t only mess with the minds of people in New York, but also with mine. I never got to understand his actions fully, like in Iron Fist where the family dramas were told and changed for you in a brilliant way. The way the writers put Kilgrave into Jessica Jones is very frustrating.

It didn’t help that Wil Travel as Will Simpson, almost ruined the total experience also! He played as a Kilgrave slave victim at times. He’s role is a mind controlled Policeman, that gets saved from Kilgrave and turns against him together with Trish Walker which is played by Rachael Taylor. For each episodes, it seems however like his acting became weaker and weaker. I still have lot’s of questions regarding him. I never understood his role in the series? It felt like he was just added and then kept in the story for no reason. Sure, he played an important role in the story for going against Kilgrave, but there were too many side-plots where he just ruins his role acting.

Jessica Jones is a hard nut to crack
photosource: Netflix / Here we see Jessica Jones and Will Simpson together. In this scene, she also saves this episode also

Krysten Ritter manages to lift Jessica Jones series a lot

The main character, which is played by Krysten Ritter manages to lift this series many miles up! Jessica Jones is a hard nut to crack, but she is also the strongest character and actors in this series and that helps this series from becoming a totally disaster. Unfortunately this made many of her co-stars on screen with her at the same time look like amateurs, but they tried their best in their other scenes. Mike Colter as Luke Cage shined in the first episodes where he got to know Jessica Jones. Even though his acting when he found out who killed his survivor from the prison were a bit over dramatic. Since I saw Luke Cage, before this series. I also could judge his acting here by also compare it to his own series. And from the image I got in that series, Luke Cage wouldn’t have over reacted the truth so much. This is in my opinion the part of Jessica Jones when the writers after this started to destroy the plot. Now, I haven’t read the comics so I can’t base this comment on that. But from my Luke Cage watching, then his finding out that Jessica Jones did a terrible thing is too over dramatic. A person with his background wouldn’t flip just like that, based on the story told in Luke Cage series.


However, there are holes regarding Jessica Jones character also. Her super powers are never satisfactorily explained (and the opportunity to at least reveal their origin, was just not shown with too many minor characters and subplots skipping showing her powers) and Luke Cage’s character powers are also used inconsistently (A drill on his head gets destroyed during a hospital visit, but when he gets a shotgun blast under his chin. Then that manages to put him in a coma, is just one of many plot holes).

Also, in this world of aliens and superheroes. Peoples’ inability to accept that there exists a mind controller is inexcusable, especially with other series like Agents of SHIELD establishing that numerous ‘gifted’ individuals exist and are being hunted down. Even those who are directly affected by Kilgrave, seems to want not to believe it. It gets aggravating even before the halfway point. Not to mention lot’s of other miscellaneous mess from most of the characters roles. This makes the plot very messy and makes characters that are strong, weaker for no reason. A superhero with their abilities should have the same abilities no matter what! It almost seemed to me as if Marvel wanted to save production costs of the series, by showing less superhero sequences.

The series do however have lot’s of great action sequences, which makes up for the less use of superpower scenes. The small moments, where Jessica Jones and Luke Cage meets are very nice shown though. Especially, in the start of the series when they question their superpower abilities. But the Luke Cage powers, is used inconsistently and that also ruin the superhero feel a bit.

Jessica Jones is a hard nut to crack
photosource: Netflix / Jessica Jones and Trish Walker. Great actors both of them actually!

Too long series of Jessica Jones all in all

Jessica Jones series could have benefited from a much shorter production run. So, maybe 8 episodes instead of the 13 episodes would be a great idea to not ruin the show? It’s curious to see how they will bring her back in the future. However, I am a bit skeptical if Marvel would actually give this a second season, or any other solo treatment. Watching Jessica Jones is fun to watch though, so you need lot’s of popcorn, and I am sure there are individuals out there that will find this series way more interesting also.

For me, a superhero series should contain lot’s of action. The usage of superpowers should be much more visible in each of the episodes, but you only see parts. The intro of the show actually shows more than the show itself though, but is that the point?

The action in the Jessica Jones series, got much more action than in Luke Cage.

Luke Cage character performance in this show however, is played much better all in all in Jessica Jones, than in his own series. Especially, the scenes when Jessica Jones and him co-operates. Here this series actually shines at it’s best I think. But when the series starts to fail, then Luke Cage is also gets dragged with it. Especially in the last episodes where Luke Cage is also controlled by this mind controlling Kilgrave character. The clipping of the series here, sort of ruins the story almost completely. Here they remove and add powers to Luke Cage, that he doesn’t really have.

So! To keep this as a 8 episodes, that would actually save the series in total for me. The series is simply too long, but do have characters that tie it sort of together.


Iron Fist style Violence!

I have written about nudity and gore age restrictions in the other Marvel production Reviews. But in Jessica Jones I find a very nice line thru the series like in Iron Fist. Also, this series feels a bit more lighter than Luke Cage. It’s on level with Iron Fist I think, but the park scenes with nice weather can be a bit too dark though. Kilgrave manages to buy Jessica Jones birth home and here the series tones up some of the colours a lot. Perfect! Also they manage to darken the picture in right scenes when they eat together outside and the scenes when she sleeps at her room. When Jessica Jones dreams also during the day, the colours is perfectly balansed I think.

The violence and nudity is on its own pace. There is nothing here that tries to pull you into the series at start to get you hooked as with the first scenes of Luke Cage. For Marvel fans this doesn’t mean anything, but Marvel seems to try getting others to like their series also.

  • Actors
  • Atmosphere
  • Dialogue
  • Setting
  • Music

The Final Verdict of Jessica Jones

There are also details and actors, that is left out in this review as in the previous ones. They are also important, and they also give the show more quality that helps it to not become a total disaster. I have written spoilers in the topic, but this is there because I wanted to add them into the comments regarding parts of the show. I don’t want to completely ruin the show for you, so if you want to watch it. I hope I haven’t told you too much. I could have, but I’ve left out the best parts for you to see yourself. Also how the Jessica Jones series have a quite interesting ending, but I didn’t enjoy all of it.

Great News however! Jessica Jones will be in the new The Defenders series, that will be out this summer 2017 on Netflix. The same goes for Luke Cage and Iron Fist even! I hope that Marvel gives them much more superpowers than in Jessica Jones. Until then, I hope I haven’t scared you away from this series. It is great! It is better than Luke Cage, but because of holes here and there it’s below Iron Fist in my total score.