Iron Fist is an incredible
photosource: Netflix / Danny Wand

I didn’t have the highest expectations for this as I loved the superhero cartoons in the 80s quite a lot. So, watching this live-action version of Iron Fist was a question for me, but in the end, I did it!

This is the Netflix fourth series from Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this time it’s the Iron Fist receiving frolic in the streets of New York.

Here we get to know a superhero with mysterious powers in his hand that can glow. He is a very mysterious villain, played as Danny Rand by Finn Jones which is known from Game of Thrones. Danny Reed comes back to civilization after 15 years of absence and is now ready for taking revenge on the one that made his flight over the Himalayas crash. He managed to survive and this is what Iron Fist is about. His comeback!

Iron Fist is an Incredible production by Marvel

Iron Fist manages to hold the same quality level as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage series. However, you need to watch every episode as it’s fully packed from the start to the end. By just watching the 4-5 first episodes, it’s really not the same. Well! Iron Fist might not be loved by every reader of my review, but for me, Iron Fist is showing high quality all the way until the end.

Here in Iron Fist, we got a white superhero who has mastered Asian martial arts in the Himalayas. The lead actor Finn Jones (which is known from Game of Thrones as Loras Tyrell) is a blue-eyed and fair-haired kung fu master is also a really nice thing for the show’s credibility and gives me a good taste of cultural acting. Why can’t a white man do kung-fu? In all respect for all Hong Kong movies, I find this series very good.

Iron Fist is an incredible
photosource: Netflix / Jessica Henwick

Jessica Henwick plays incredibly in Iron Fist

Colleen Wing, which is played by Jessica Henwick (which is known from Game of Thrones as Nymeria Sand) is also an incredibly well-played character by her. She finds Danny Rand in the very first moments of the series and they do their roles incredibly well. These two actors play their roles as if they have been fit for each other for sure. Maybe I have a weakness for white men and Asian woman couples? Maybe, because I have such a relationship myself! Without knowing any rumors or anything like that. Now, wow! These two look like they belong to each other in real life also, but I don’t know. My favorite character in Iron Fist is Colleen Wing.

The series has a huge dose of charm, feelings, drama and the best of all.. Action! And she delivers that! Which for me, makes it much more enjoyable and affordable to watch, which means that Iron Fist is a new artistic and fantastic success of Marvel’s sci-fi series. Especially Jessica’s moves, emotions, and kicks is so incredibly well done. Finn Jones also plays nicely and I like his curly hair. It makes him stand out in a funny way. He always managed to get me to smile, however, some of the clothing choices they made on him is a bit silly I think. The scenes in Hong Kong parts of the series, is the most incredible with him. Especially his fight with a drunken kung-fu master. Just awesome! Who would know that a white man would look awesome in a kung fu serial? But it does!

Iron Fist is an incredible
photosource: Netflix / Danny Wand and Jessica Henwick

Let’ dig a bit deeper into the Iron Fist story

Finn Jones plays Danny Rand, which is the heir to the world’s leading billion company Rand Enterprises. As a ten-year-old, he disappeared and parents in a plane crash over the Himalayas, but now, fifteen years later, he shows up again suddenly.

With unparalleled martial arts skills and magical abilities in luggage, he must defeat the ancient evil he is destined to meet, and he also must find its place in modern society he has been away from for so long. This ancient evil is none other than the mysterious ninja organisation The Hand that we met at the Daredevil. It is again Madame Gao and heroin her that must be stopped in Iron Fist, while anything more occult is also afoot.

The series borrows much from traditional Asian martial arts movies from Hong Kong. Fantastic fights for sure!


Lot’s of gore – But no Nudity
This series says “Adult” in the Netflix description. This is the age description for this series on Netflix here in Norway. But why? Iron Fist got only some “bigger” wound scenes. The romantic scenes in the series are unfair. Here we can see a naked Finn Jones, but Jessica Henwick which also plays in Game Of Thrones shows nothing. When a show like this is marked as “Adult”, I really demand to see “more”. But Iron Fist gives me only incredible detailed wounds. But this is a thing in American series.

You can show detailed wounds with lot’s of blood and gore, but any female nudity is taken away. Why should it be more enjoyable watching Finn half-naked than Jessica? If the age restriction was set to 15 er below I would understand. The female body is something to respect in every way but to hide it is for me, not equality.

Iron Fist is an incredible
photosource: Netflix / Jessica Henwick as the human warrior! Extremely talented!

If they really want to make a superhero series that is for people over 18, then the detailed wounds should be equal to nudity. I am not talking about that detailed scenes as in Game of Thrones is needed. But we need to respect the female body more.

This isn’t a hugely negative thing as it seems to be a trend from America to deliver more detailed blood scenes than nudity. And that’s often in series with 18+ age restrictions. However! I see almost the same scenes in 15+ age restriction films and series also.

Here is the incredible intro of Iron Fist with its fantastic Music, that got elements from Tron Legacy! Love it!

  • Actors
  • Atmosphere
  • Dialogue
  • Setting
  • Music


You must Watch this and you Will Have a nice time!
Iron Fist have so many twists that just watching the 4-5 first episodes is like killing it. However, I loved the series from the very beginning. All of the characters played well. Finn Jones as Danny Rand is incredible all the time. Same with Jessica Henwick which I think is the best actress in Iron Fist. She is the reason for watching it from the start to the end. Her smile, style and acting is among the best I’ve ever seen.

However, if there is one weak actress in Iron Fist, then it must be Jessica Stroup roll as Joy Meachum. But not in all of the episodes. There are episodes with her, where she acted better also I think. Tom Pelphrey, which plays as Ward Meachum which is Joy Meachum’s brother does the job very well also. David Wenham, which played as Harold Meachum is also great actor.

All of these actors makes the series to a winner. Now it’s time to watch more of Marvel series. I am a superhero fan in everyway. I love it! So, let me digg into the Marvel’s universe and give you a full review of another production soon.

Also the intro music is stunning. Its beautifully designed without actually revealing too much, which I love. At the end, the song get some Tron Legacy music tones etc which is incredible well done. Fantastic series for sure. I enjoyed watching it from the start to the end.