There are these scamming companies that just wishes to harm you to get your money. Don’t ever answer them! Most of the time you can see a long international scary number, while at other times they manage to use your friends telephone number also. If so! Just hang up! Do not answer these calls at all. And don’t ever let them make you give away any personal information. So, if they call you. Then just hang up!

Project Mayhem Revenge on Phone Scamming Companies

Some people in the Internet universe have got enough of the Phone Scamming Companies and now they have put up a Revenge on Phone Scamming Companies, that seems to be quite effective. If you would like to help the project and its development against these scamming companies. Then we at Distrita urges you to support them on

Ever get a call from these annoying pricks? This should feed your appetite for revenge! We flood the scammers lines to prevent them from being able to scam any other people, AND we recorded it for your listening pleasure!

What this project is about is to call these phone scamming companies so much that they can’t call. After watching the videos on YouTube where Project Mayhem have recorded these phone scamming companies answers. They are located in HINDI part of the world and from here they try to fool people a lot.

Revenge on a IRS Phone Scamming Company – Call Flooder

Hello, it’s been detected that You are a Scammer

At first, someone called Project Mayhem regarding audit on the persons tax file and that IRS have managed to find that there was miscalculation error for the taxes. She accuses the person at Project Mayhem that this person is trying to defraud the government according to section 101. See the whole video above, but this IRS lady wants this person to pay them $8219.  The Project Mayhem person “agreed to it” and told them about that the bank being used was Wells Fargo. So, IRS wants the person to take out the cash from the bank and not transfer them directly. They claim that you have problems with the government and that they will register a complaint with the law enforcement with your name for Frauding Investigation??? and that the person will no longer be able to use any money. If you get this kind of call or a caller from Microsoft, that asks about money. Just hang up. They just try to trick your mind.

Also a worth mention!

THE IRS DOES NOT CALL PEOPLE. IRS is The Internal Revenue Service is the nation’s tax collection agency and administers the Internal Revenue Code enacted by Congress in the United States of America. THEY SEND LETTERS AND NOTICES VIA POSTAL MAIL. IF A CALLER CLAIMS TO BE FROM THE IRS, IT’S AUTOMATICALLY A SCAM.

The revenge on IRS Phone Scamming Company becomes very difficult to swallow for the company after the automatic calling system that Project Mayhem made. So they start to swear. One of the persons even says this in the conversation “IM GOING TO FUCK YOU UP MOTHERFUCKER! DONT FUCKA WIFF ME OK? YOU BETTER RUN SCARED, IM GOING TO SKIN YOUR HEAD MOTHERFUCKER!”  That is pretty nasty and it only tells me which listens to this how these companies are.

Here is a Windows License Fraud Attempt also

Did you ever find yourself browsing the internet and come across the Browser Lockers that take up your whole screen, talk to you and then force your to call? How about voice mails about your MS Key expiring? Project Mayhem flood these scammers to keep them from answering or making calls to other victims. Weirdly, the Tech Scammers number turns into a IRS scam WHILE one of the persons behind the project is calling it. So, be aware! Never answer and if you want to call these people. Then make sure that you restart your computer for each time.

So, if you do call back to these. Say these words! “Hello, Scammers. Today you have the glorious chance to make a decision. Place down your headset, go home. and this will be over soon. Or, continue to have your lines flooded to prevent you from scamming additional people. This will not stop, until you stop.”

This is a really great project to harm these scammers. Support Project Mayhem on their Patreon site!

Project Mayhem