Restrooms in Reykjavik, Iceland is getting Unisex bathroom focus writes. Iceland Monitor writes that Reykjavík City’s Human Rights and Democracy Council unanimously approved at it’s first meeting that all staff restrooms in Reykjavik’s public administration buildings will be all unisex as of this fall.

Keeping the Restrooms in Reykjavik open to all is a major step Forward

The town of Reykjavik decided to launch restroom facilities in buildings where the city provides services. By keeping the restrooms open to all, along with private restrooms is positively welcomed by many groups such as trans, intersex individuals, children and children with disabilities who are accompanied by parents of the opposite sex.

The private restrooms will also be useful to people with health problems. It will be easier being any kind of human on Iceland. People simply won’t need to wait to enter a restroom if the men or women restroom is occupied. Brilliant!

“The aim of the resolution,” the statement reads, “is to fight prejudice and create improved access for all to every aspect of society.”

Iceland is pushing equal rights further than any country out there

By doing this. Iceland, which is a very small country that is part of the Nordic countries in Europe. They manage to tell the world that equal rights for all types of humans is important. Unisex restrooms is available in some areas in Norway too, but to actually do this to the public restrooms that is open to all in Reykjavik. Is really great progress forward.

Why should toilets be divided? Sport genres? How is it so that religion needs to divide us? Were all humans and we think, eat and talk all of us. Instead of battling which side is better. Make friends. Put your heart to other people, either they are gay, straight or trans. We should all be able to work together and Iceland is one step ahead of everyone. This magical liberal island is really something. Distrita wrote about their unique Lagoons and swimming pools here. This country  is so cold and warm at the same time. They tell the world how to behave and thats pretty awesome by a nation that got around 330.000 in population.

I am proud of Iceland. They are fantastic. Go go go Iceland!