There is a new remarkable library in Oslo. This is called the main library of Oslo and the name of it is Bjørvika Deichman. Opened summer 2020! This is a library that is open Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 22.00 and weekends from 10.00 to 18.00. It is free to use and got some really interesting architecture.

This totally new library in Oslo is located just in the middle between Oslo Central Train station and the Oslo Opera House building. It is over 5 floors tall and it is a heaven for everyone that wants to borrow books, comics, movies, games, and even 3D printers. The library also has soundproof rooms for music-making, and there is a cinema that shows free to watch movies.

You can also book a cell or a meeting room as a private person outside of office hours for free. These booking possibilities are made so that you can get a bit more private feeling when reading, study, or working. The chairs are also very comfortable to use. Bjørvika Deichman is a very modern library. So here you have so much more than just books.

Here you can unfold your interests. Here you can escape into your own world by finding a nice seat with power and connect yourself to the free WiFi which is super fast.

Video made by Distrita TV showing the entire new Library at Bjørvika in Oslo

As you can see on the map above. It is pretty easy to find. There are 5 amazing floors to explore when visit. Many with half floors. On the 5th floor, you also have a higher floor called 5b etc. There are two elevators and there are free to use toilets on every floor.

The whole Barcode area of Oslo is now totally new. A few years ago this area was full of cars. I really recommend anyone visiting Oslo to take a look.

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