If you eat for pleasure apple, here’s more reason to keep doing it, and if you still do not take seriously this fruit, perhaps it is time to do so.


Some of the benefits are:
Hydration: This is because the apple is made of 80% water, so do not hesitate to eat one when you are thirsty.
Antioxidant: eat an apple a day will help you stay young and healthy inside and out.
Digestion: get greater benefits if you eat the apple raw with shell, thanks to the large amount of fiber containing, you will notice improved digestion and sensation of satiety.
Health: apple helps eliminate bad cholesterol from the body, stabilize level the blood sugar and prevent other cardiovascular problems due to components such as pectin and quercetin.
Because of its taste and constitution, the apple is a multifaceted and easy fruit to adapt to many meals, and is of the few fruits that last long in any climate, so now to eat apple.