There are games that you never forget, and there are trailers that tries to bound you to the game you love. Most of them doesn’t get my attention, but the makers of the RealMYST trailer have always made my hair on my hands grow, everytime I see it. Its so fantastic well done. The introduction of old Myst, the music and in the end the 3D part of RealMYST. It doesn’t matter about the game, but in this case the Trailer is way more awesome than the game itself. Its a bit sad, but the way original Myst game did it is the best way and Obduction, which is the latest work from Cyan is actually pulling the 3D MYST thing even further.

Check out this fantastic RealMYST trailer. It inspires me and I just want to do an replay of the trailer on and on!

Amazing Graphics in RealMYST, when it was Released
RealMYST was released by CYAN on 10th of September 2006. The team made a massive 3D engine, that did quite stunning things in 2006. Now, most of the graphics in RealMYST are quite outdated, but its really interesting as this game was a step ahead at the time of its release.

MYST, which is the game its based on is out for Amiga, PC, MAC and other game consoles. It was the first game, when released on MAC that made hair grow on peoples arms. The 3D made images and sound effects were outstanding, when it was released on 24th of September 1993. The images were just clickable to walk around on the island and also interactive. The 3D graphics were revolutionary and the way the developers made the sound effects for the game is pretty stunning also.

Late launch for Amiga, but ClickBOOM did actually release it
After 4 years, the Amiga people could have their own version. ClickBOOM made this possible and they made an extravagant version of MYST. When they finally released it in 1997, most of the other computer and console platforms already got it but the Amiga users had to wait. The Amiga version of the game needs a Amiga AGA machine, CD-ROM and a 68030 CPU, so if you own an Amiga 1200 you need to add a CD-ROM thru PCMCIA or buy a IDE extender. The Amiga version works on both AGA and RTG machines. So, if you have an Amiga with a Vampire installed then this game should work even on Amiga 500, Amiga 600 or Amiga 2000. That’s just awesome. RealMYST however, never made it to the Amiga platform.

RealMYST trailer is a trailer that other game makers should look at. Its full of mystic and energy in the right direction. We need more trailers like this one!


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