On 20th of August, several medias announced that this summer Bergen have been really wet. On that day, the data showed that the city got 733.1 mm rainfall since June 1 in Bergen.

Not the wettest summer of all time, but on a second place

Still, some numbers more with mm rainfall until the weather experts could call this summer as the wettest summer for sure , but now Bergen (which is worlds wettest city) have taken the 2nd place, writes the Norwegian Meteorologists on Twitter back then.

The record of 1964 sounds like a total of 810 millimeters of precipitation. So, that the people of Bergen gets a warmer week is deserved!


photosource: YR.no – Clearly says 22C on Monday here between 12.00 and 18.00!

Real Summer hits Bergen this weekend and lasts until the next one

Usually now in September, the southern part of Norway got around 10C to 15C, but some warm winds brings the summer back to the Bergen area. This will for sure wake up some and move some to the many parks and do some of this years last grilling outside.

With Monday temps reaching 22C, and a clear sky. The wettest city in the world will have its revenge for sure! On the site pent.no, they even show that YR shows that it will be 23C in Bergen. But on YR.no forecast which you can see to the right here it clearly says 22C. Isn’t it weird that weather info from the same site is showing different numbers???

And people wonder why people wonder about climate changes to be real or not? If politicians, weather skeptics gets their weather information from different sources that uses the same sources shows different temperatures.. It’s a total madness situation! How can YR send different data to Pent.no than to its own readers? … I wonder!… And if you look at the yr image above and pent.no image below, they both have weather numbers for the time 12.00 to 18.00 also!


photosource: Pent.no – Here at the same time between 12.00 and 18.00 on 25th of September, it shows 23C. It’s all about the details.. especially weather for sure!


photosource: Helge Kvalheim – Musicians in the famous shopping street in the middle of Bergen town

Experience how beautifully Bergen town is with sunny Weather

Bergen deserves this weather a lot this summer. It’s been raining a lot and finally a warmer week gives some energy for its people. Those tourists coming to it and want rain, won’t be disappointed at all. Many tourists expects rain when they visit the town. However, we can reveal that Bergen really shines when it’s sunny! For those living in Bergen, it’s a experience too be a part of, which see so many days with rain in the town. Finally, and well deserved for sure.

So, sit back and relax for the week that is coming with warmer weather. The shopping street in Bergen center will be full of life, people will walk happily everywhere and the aura of the town shows love to you. Yes, Bergen is a fantastic city when its nice weather. Take the Fløyenbanen rack railway up to Fløyen, see the extravaganza view from there and feel a vibrant city for sure.


photosource: Distrita.com – Map of Bergen Light Rail line from the airport to Bergen center

Bergen Light Rail is a cheap way to get around in Bergen for sure

Distrita invites anyone that wants to visit the wonderful Bergen. And if you didn’t know, you can now take the Bergen Light-Rail all the way from Bergen airport to city center! And it costs less too! So, Bergen invites you to come for sure. Welcome to a nice week with nice weather! Ohh, there is this world championships in biking now in Bergen. But it ends on Sunday. So, then you know why Bergen is a bit different this week.

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