Review PHion Green Superfood – may it replace 30 vegetables?

Who is eating 30 vegetables per day? Review PHion Green Superfood: Do you eat enough of vegetables? Ideally, you want to get as many vegetables from your diet as possible, because you know that your body needs vitamins, enzymes and minerals. But who really eats the minimum of 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit per day? A newly released study found that only 11% of 15,000 American adults actually ate sufficient of the healthy food your body needs. Most people are busy, so if you’re not among those 11%, why not try some raw food powder the easier way! Yeah, if you don’t eat enough vegetables, all you need is just one teaspoon of Raw Food Powder phIon Green Superfood per day, according to the commercial. Easy, isn’t it? Here is our honest review!

raw food powder the easier way, Review PHion Green Superfood

The express way to add over 30 vegetables to your daily diet?

When first opening the box, I always use to smell it and enjoy the flavor. It is a natural product, and one of the few green food powders out there that I really love the flavor of. Yeah, there are many products you need to mix with apple juice or make a smoothie to be able to drink it. But with this product you only need to add water and mix it! It is not a problem to drink it every day. I use to bring the box with me when I’m at work or if I’m out.

Did you know the  most alkalizing food is greens? I was really excited when I found pHions product for the first time. A product that contained 30 alkalizing grasses, veggies, sprouts and fruits – all in one box! In order to let all the raw food stay intact, it is produced in a low temperature envirionment.

Feeling often tired and too lazy to eat healthy enough?

Review PHion Green Superfood: I don’t have time to blend my own green food so this is an express way to get the nutrients I need. I first started using pHion’s products in 2007 when I watched one of Tony Robbins programs on an alkalinity diet. Was looking for having more energy, feel stronger and lose some weight. There I learned the expression to super hydrate, which is to flush my body with enough clean water on daily basis. I saw how Tony Robbins weight had been reduced and how Tony Robbins vegan habits had made him even more successful. He is like a hero for me. He learned me the number one symptom of dehydration is fatigue feeling tired – not only feeling thirsty. Drink more water! Actually water is the best medicine we have! People suffering of weight problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, ulcers, will not suffer that much if they had drunk more water. Water detoxifies our system and you lose sodium, magnesium and alkalinity of your body.

Review PHion Green Superfood

Our lifestyle is acid. Did you know an average American consumes 150 pounds of sugar, and sugar changes the chemistry of your body. You drink probably coffee every day and sodas. Acid pollutes the environment and is not good for you neither. Did you know that acid creates an environment where there is less oxygen and anaerobic environment we have less oxygen, cancer only grows in acidic anaerobic environment what makes it expand.  Maybe you drink coke frequently too. The acid strips the natural minerals that your body needs. So the secret to the benefits of of health and vitality is Alkalizing your body: Green veggies and plants and salads, they are high in chlorophyll and minerals and the amino acids that your body needs in order to neutralize some of these assets. Your body should stay in balance. Put more greens in your diet. 70% of your diet should be green.

Review PHion Green Superfood

Bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and chlorophyll, green cereal grasses are often used to improve digestion and energy.

In fact, a recent study found that compared to placebo, wheat grass juice normalized the number of bowel movements and promoted rectal health in individuals with colon issues. Another study found that barley grass, in combination with a mostly raw vegetarian diet, significantly improved the quality of life in people suffering from fatigue coupled with pain in the muscles, joints, and ligaments.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Acid causes inflammation, whether in the colon or the joints. Alkaline substances quell inflammation. So if you suffer from colon or joint issues, and you alkalize your system, chances are, you’ll neutralize any inflammation there and experience a higher quality of life.

An impressive list of ingredients in just one tea spoon of Green Superfood per day?

This box contains organic wheat grass juice, organic barley grass juice, organic oat grass juice and organic alfalfa juice.

It also contains Broccoli Juice Powder, Carrot Juice Powder, Cucumber Powder, Cauliflower, Kale Powder, Spinach Juice Powder, Tomato Juice Powder, Brussels Sprout Powder, Asparagus Juice Powder, Green Bell Pepper Powder, Chicory Root, Lo Han Guo, Spirulina.
Note: Spirulina is a form of algae. However, unlike most algae’s that grow in acidic water, spirulina grows in mineral rich alkaline water with a pH of 10.5. It is considered highly alkalizing because of its rich chlorophyll and mineral content. Spirulina is 65% bioavailable protein by weight and has most of the nutrients necessary to sustain life, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

What PHion Superfood really contains?

You will also find Amaranth Sprouts, Broccoli Sprouts, Fenugreek Sprouts, Kamut Sprouts and Quinoa Sprouts.

At no other time in a plant’s maturity cycle does it contain more concentrated nutrition than during the initial sprout phase. In fact, young plants achieve their highest nutrient density within 5-10 days of life. During this time of intense growth, the enzymes, proteins, vitamins, and minerals within sprouts are multiplying exponentially. That’s why sprouts are such a great source of life-giving nutrition.

One Serving Contains the Nutrient Equivalent of More Than 1lb. (450 grams) of vegetables

Sprouts may contain concentrations of various compounds at levels far beyond what is seen in the mature plant. Broccoli sprouts, for example, contain much higher levels of the phyto-nutrient sulforphane, which is an excellent detoxifier. In fact, because of their pumped up sulforphane levels, broccoli sprouts are estimated to contain anywhere from 10-100 times the power of fully grown broccoli to induce phase 2 detoxification enzymes. Not surprisingly, research has shown these power-packed “mini-broccolis” counteract the abnormal cellular changes caused by toxic agents.

veggies, raw food powder the easier way, Review PHion Green Superfood

A good replacement to raw diet meals?

I used to buy several green products that I always forgot to use before they became old and I had to throw them away. With this powder, I get everything I need and I never forget to start the day with the pHion Greeen Superfood. As long as you’re adding extra greens to your diet, why not choose a formula designed to maximize your absorption of all the nutrition they contain? pHion Green Superfood is specially formulated with Cerecalase. This patented, proprietary blend of enzymes — and the minerals that activate them – helps you break down and utilize all the greens in pHion Green Superfood Powder. Nine years of clinical research have shown that Alkazyme increases the bio availability of ingredients by 12-48%!

Go Green and your body will love you…forever. pHion’s Green Superfood delivers a daily dose of powerful vitamins and nutrients that makes your body eco-friendly.

We haven’t found this product in shops, so we use to order it from Iherb in the United States. They ship worldwide and always offer good service and a low shipping cost. We have also ordered it from other places, but they have charged us a much higher shipping fee. It could sound like a paid advertising campaign only for pHion Green Superfood, but we are really recommending this product, based on 6 years of experience. We at Distrita are independent writers and haven’t received money to give our honest reviews.

How to start up your day the best way by adding Raw Food to your daily routines?

The Express Way to Eat Healthier every day! Mix the powder with water, that’s easy! How to start up the day the best way by adding Raw Food to your daily routines? Review PHion Superfood summary: Earlier I used to have headache from time to time. It’s completely gone after I started to use pHIon Green food.  I feel more fresh, and could skip the coffee routine that made me addicted by caffeine all day long. Instead – Every morning when I wake up, I take a glass with water and a spoon with these powder. It has been “the must” of the day for me! I really can feel the energy and that it works, and I want to share it with our readers. Actually, it’s one of very few products that makes a difference to my life! What does it taste? It’s a good taste, almost like juice. Most people I have asked to try it say the same, but if they don’t like the taste they can mix it with apple juice or orange juice, but I’m sure it will not be a problem. The most important thing for me is that phIon Green Food loads my body with the alkalizing elements that are going to get rid of the acids, keep me in a pH balanced state and keep me healthy and vibrant every day.

We’ve squeezed over 30 vegetables into a super small package. To get your Greens on, just take them from a simple teaspoon of our superfood powder. BOOM…you’re welcome. This is the package of lifestyle, health and an investment in a better quality of eating. You will feel the results fast! We hope you found this Review PHion Green Superfood interesting and looking forward to hear from you!

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pHion Green Superfood
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The effect of pHion varies from person to person, but for me I feel fresher and healthier. By taking one tea spoon in the morning, I actually have more energy and more motivation all day long. I want to eat healthier also after I take this powder! So it’s a win win effect!

It has better taste than any of the other green superfood powders I have tried, and the effect is much better than similar products from other providers. Since I have taken this product for 6 years, I know a lot about this product. Although it costs 30$ you get a big box that lasts for more than one month, and you will probably not buy so many other veggies, since everything is in the package! This is an absolutely recommended product!

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