The German industrial metal band is world known for their very brutal but genius song named “Du Hast”. That song got more that 241 million views on YouTube. Now this German group is taking a jump over to USA. Are you ready? Also Canada and Mexico seems to be on their tour too!

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Latest Facebook post Reveals Rammstein USA, Canada and Mexico tour plans

In their latest Facebook post shows a map of the entire North America with a number of highlighted states which is informing about their upcoming tour to USA, Canada and Mexico.

On the map above you can see Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas and California. Also highlighted are Quebec in Canada and Mexico City.

The last time the band appeared in the US was in 2017. At that time Rammstein could be seen in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, and New York.

Their latest album, simply titled “Rammstein,” was released in May and quickly topped the charts across Europe, while it debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200 in the US.

That marked the first time the band broke into a top 10 American chart in their 25 years together. Rammstein is still popular all over the world and that shows when they appear on respectable news sites such as CNN.

Rammstein together with Schiller

You might think that Rammstein have only made heavy synth rock type of music. But this genius music group have also co-operated with artists such as Schiller in this “Ohne Dich” remix. His voice is really powerful and the original to this tune is quite powerful too.

Rammstein is a German artist that you either love or hate. But what we cannot hide is their popularity. Now thats something!

Source: CNN, Rammstein on Facebook