In 2010, the people of Rabat in Morocco will get a new tram system. At first it will be 19km long with 31 stations. The new tram system in Rabat, will reduce traffic by over 30% and give the city more air to breath than before.

The plan for now is to open 2 lines in 2010 as Distrita team understands. This new tram system in Rabat, will give the Africa continent its 3rd tram city.

Africa needs support from Europe in evolving, and we at Distrita hopes that this tram building will give other African countries the will to get the support they need too. This new snake alike trams have arrived in Rabat, so it seems it’s not long now until Rabat have rolling trams in their streets. Be sure to visit Distrita later for more news about when the tram will start to run!