I see many types of Kickstarters and Indiegogo projects and this got my personal attention. It is a mysterious puzzle box for your love, your friend or even for yourself. This puzzle box which have several puzzles on it, can only be opened in a specific way. You must solve all of the puzzles, to be able to open the box. What a challenge that is for sure and it’s redefining puzzles. Many people seems to like the idea, so lot’s of people have backed it up.

Features Nine Puzzles that is Redefined with Crypted

There are in total of nine puzzles on the box. They are cryptograms and sliding docks. Crypted will challenge you to the limit, they write on their Indiegogo page. So, if you like puzzles then support them for sure.

Puzzles nowadays are so simple, straightforward, with limited playability. Most of them only requires one type of thinking skill/cognitive ability to solve and therefore does not challenge the whole brain. Once solved, they are shoved away, forgotten, as they don’t provide the challenge anymore.  They haven’t evolved at all since the 20th century.

That, is why we create CRYPTED.

CRYPTED is a combination of puzzles.It features 9 puzzles from the likes of Cryptograms to sliding blocks. While most puzzles test one or two skills, CRYPTED can challenge even veteran puzzle solvers with it’s broad skill requirements.

CRYPTED is entirely rewindable. Remember that time when your friend Matt beat you at Rubik? Give him a try at your CRYPTED box and watch him struggle.

Watch their Crypted Information Videoclip Here

Boost Your Memory with Crypted

With this box, you will challenge your mind. Forget to get a bad health with this one. It makes your brain active and that’s very good for the health. It can prevent dementia disease for sure. When doing something that challenge you. You activate your brain and it is great.

But boosting your memory isn’t everything! This box can help you in becoming better inn problemsolving, train your focus on stuff, keep secrets and You can challenge others with it.

Puzzle box are beneficial to everybody! Here are the main reasons we love them

  • Improve Memory: Puzzles like Jigsaw can help improve memory skill.
  • Improve IQ: Test your logic and reasoning skills with tough puzzles
  • Cognitive Ability: Improve your cognitive ability by visualising  how parts fit together or move together
  • Problem Solving: Use critical thinking to figure out the mechanism behind the puzzle.
  • Patience: Solving puzzle can require time, focus, and patience. Don’t bring out the crowbar just yet!
  • Social skill: Team up with a friend to deal with the frustration of difficult puzzles
  • Relax: Puzzles, especially ones that you already know how to solve, can provide some peace of mind. Like an escape from such a chaotic world

Support the CRYPTED puzzle box Here