Kim singing in Leaf In The Wind musicvideo

Today, Distrita gives you exclusive Interview with Purple Scream’s main singer Kim Fairchild. Visit their Facebook page for more info on whats happening with them.

Tell us a little about you? When did you start to get interested in singing? When did you join Purple Scream?

I have been singing since I was 2 years old- but I met up with Jonny Olsson in 2011. We soon began to make music together and founded “Purple Scream.

What is the purpose of Purple Scream? What sort of music have you made and do you have any roadmap for your music?

Purple Scream is a a producing studioproject ..but also a movement of peace- unpolitical and nonreligious. Our music is a mix of pop-rock-soul and techno. We have our own sound and always starts out making beats and base.

Which of the songs that you have been made, is the one that you love most? Any reasons for it eventually?

We was nominated in HMMA in 2012 for ” Following you home” . This is our favorite song. We also love ” What to do”. This was the first song we made together.

As Distrita knows, you have several fans outside of Norway. Do you have plans for having concerts outside of Norway?

Yes- we would like to travel all over the world and play our music for the fans to give something back .

Where do you think that Purple Scream is in 5 years?


Kim Fairchild and Jonny H. Olsson from the making of Leaf In The Wind musicvideo

Kim: Who knows….we would like to make music for movies , that is one og our goals – but we will continue to make music no matter what.

Distrita wishes Purple Scream and Kim Fairchild all the best, and remember that everyone can see Purple Screams Leaf In The Wind musicvideo on-line.

Interviewed Kim Fairchild by Michal Bergseth