Today, Distrita can announce that Sailfish X is available for purchase and download through Jolla webshop! This Suomi based company Jolla had big hopes with their Jolla phone and Sailfish OS operating system. However, with totally lack of customer service Jolla put them into even deeper problems. However, now! Something is going on. Sailfish X is now out for Sony XperiaX. So if you’ve got this mobile from Sony, you can get a real operating system on your phone!

Sailfish X is now out for Sony XperiaX but it costs

After many ups and downs throughout these challenging months of work behind Sailfish X and porting it to a completely new 64-bit hardware, the Sailfish OS team is now ready to release the downloadable image for the Sailfish OScommunity and fans.

As of today, you can purchase Sailfish X, and install it on your Sony Xperia™ X to enjoy our beautiful, safe and secure operating system on a fantastically crafted hardware from our friends at Sony.

Software downloads & flashing instructions

From today on, Jolla is starting the software download process, meaning that you will be able to download the software package immediately after the purchase.

Please follow the instructions on their page to learn how to download and install.

Windows installation instructions Ready

Today, Jolla is presenting for you installation instructions for Windows, but they have also been listening to peoples concerns it seems, as they are also working on making the instructions available for Linux and macOS later. So please stay tuned for those.

They hope that you will enjoy using Sailfish X on any Sony Xperia X device! But where is the customer service that would listen to its customers. Jolla have done a very bad job regarding repairing those Jolla phone devices that isn’t working anymore. Demanding that people should send the devices thru expensive DHL services instead of using normal post package service is just one of the many odd customer service ways of doing.

Jolla really need to look at what they are doing. You can release as many commercial products that you want, but when the service isn’t available at all. How are you going to get the deserved respect that you should have? Sailfish OS would had a much better future if the company took the products they have made way more serious for sure.

Distrita wishes Jolla all the best, but you need to look at the customer service part. Please! Especially since the product costs €49.90 !

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This is the Jolla phone showing. Not Sony XperiaX. I wanted to illustrate how beautifully their phone is and they just washed it away. Shame on Jolla!

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