Bergen is Norway’s second-biggest city. The city is about 300km away from the capital. But because of not so straight roads in our hilly nation it is more like 500km. Stavanger which is Norway’s 4th biggest city is only 158km to the south of Bergen. But that’s also in a straight line.

Our guide for Bergen reveals single ticket prices and relevant info that you need for visiting one of Norway’s most beloved cities by tourists. So with this guide, you should have a view about single ticket prices in the second biggest city in size and inhabitants of Norway. You can travel in Norwegian cities without using lots of TAXI in Bergen as in our guide for Oslo. We simply don’t recommend to use TAXI at all if you are thinking of traveling on a smaller budget to this majestic town in Norway. Just forget the TAXI in Norway. Your wallet will scream!

So, here is our guide to Bergen that got public transportation in the country. If you, however, are thinking of staying for more than just a few days. You should consider other types of tickets. This guide is meant for people visiting for a very short period.

Bergen Light Rail is Finally Extended

Bergen Public Transportation FAQ

Cost of a Single ticket in Bergen?

Price is 39 kr, which is about €3.80 for adults. For Children under 18 it is 20 kr, which is about €1.95

How long does a Single ticket last in Bergen?

Ticket always lasts for 90 minutes within one zone. Then a further 30 minutes is added for each extra zone that you travel to.

Zone A: Zone Bergen includes the municipalities of Bergen, Askøy, Øygarden, Osterøy, Alver, Austrheim, Fedje and previous Os.
Zone B: The areas around the Bjørnefjord.
Zone C: Sunnhordland
Zone D: Odda, Eidfjord and Rosendal
Zone E: Voss, Granvin and Ulvik
Zone F: Samnanger, Kvam, Vaksdal and Modalen
Zone G: Masfjorden

Please see this interactive map for more information about the zones that Skyss covers

Where do buy the tickets in Bergen?

You can buy them at kiosks such as Narvesen and 7-11. Then there are ticket machines in most parts of the town. You can also use the Skyss app which you find for iOS and Android.

Is it possible to use several public transportation options in Bergen with a single ticket?

Yes. With one ticket you can travel with the light rail, buses, ferries and trains within the zones that Skyss operates in. The funicular is not included into the Skyss service.

Important Maps for Bergen

Map of Bergen

Map of the Zones around Oslo that Ruter covers

Public Transportation Single Ticket Guide for Bergen in Norway 1

Please do check out this interactive zone map done by Skyss

Here you can see that Zone A looks quite big but it is here where most people live in this area of Norway. So now when you come to Bergen. You know a bit more about the whole system.

A nice tip from us is that if you arrive at Bergen airport you should buy a single ticket if you are going to stay for a short time. It is also the most affordable way of traveling to Bergen center. Also, you can choose to go for a 24 hours card. Then you can travel a lot within Zone A for 100 KR, which is about €9.74.

Source: Skyss