After some talks with different Amiga retailers, I decided to put this comment on-line. Reason for this is that the Amiga marked for the retailers seems to change the already hard market to become even more difficult. Doing business by selling Amiga hardware and software is a really risky business these days, but the remaining Amiga stores do it because of their Love for the machine. But is it worth it? For sure! If you love something, then its easier to have the sale potential in your blood even on Amiga. It is possible to earn on the Amiga market if you know what you are doing, but it will pull your dreams towards areas you never knew that you had in you. That is the harsh truth, but people do like pain that makes other loves you because you do something important… Saving the Amiga!

However! The remaining Amiga shops that does can knock themself on the chest says that the times now is even tougher than ever before, because Vampire FPGA card have sort of wiped out all Amiga accelerator card marked for good it seems. When the Apollo Team sells a accelerator card with More horsepower than a 68060, for less than a ACA1233 card with a much slower 68030 I can understand the frustration. It seems like the era of expensive Amiga accelerator cards is gone, but is this is a big loss for the Amiga stores in general? I think not! Because now the people behind ACA1233 can create accelerator cards with 68060 or with FPGA that can actually compete with the Vampire.

With Vampire cards now eating the accelerator cards market, they also have a long list of people waiting . Some have been waiting for more than 2 months for their cards, because the production is set in Canada as I know and the production is only done by one person also!… But people tend to wait for them instead of buying a ACA1233 card that is available now. The Vampire also have another gold key, that is eating other accelerator cards out of the market. It got a graphic card on the board, meaning that AmigaOS can show upto 1080p even! Also the SD-card and HDMI out connector makes Vampire unbeaten.

I feel a bit sad for ACA1233 producers! I really do, but paying 150,- Euros for a accelerator card that beats everything out there in the Amiga market is really something that Apollo Team should be proud of. How often did Amigans feel ruined after buying that expensive 68060 card? That’s often! So, the ACA1233 producers should really open their minds and give Vampire competition so that Amiga shops and retailers can ease their pain and frustrations. Will you do it?