Prisma Megamix Soundcard News

A-EON Technology just announced on their Facebook page, the imminent release of Prisma Megamix soundcard for Classic Amiga. This is a multi- format dual interface DSP music card, for all 68k Amiga computers fitted with a Zorro II or Clockport.

Available for Zorro II and Clockport

With Prisma Megamix, an Amiga 2000, 3000, 4000 or A1200T can mix MP3 streams and encode/ decode them in real time without burdening the CPU. The MP3 sound processor is fully handled by CPLD and is transparent to the software. Audio data transfers are streamed at 16-bit (Zorro II) or 8-bit (Clockport), and bit banging is not required for SPI accesses to the P3 sound processor. Mixing inputs for Paula, genuine sound and line-in are provided, as well as earphone outputs.

It is really interesting to see new products like this available for Classic Amigas. As we know, the Classic Amiga CPU’s only reach 50MHz with 68060 but that is very expensive. There is however a new Vampire FPGA project for the Classic Amiga line that would compete with this. But this Prima Megamix soundcard is what DelfinaDSP for A1200 does. It transforms the Amiga available sound from its already fantastic 8-bit sound to staggering 16-bit. With such new hardware, the Classic Amiga range have got yet another good addon. Trust me when I say this. There is simply no better sound than from an Amiga. Especially with AHI enabled sound!


Prisma Megamix will work in any Classic Amiga with Zorro II or Clockport. The Zorro version got higher audio data transfers than when its connected to a Clockport. Having this soundcard in a Classic Amiga, makes your Amiga capable of playing MP3’s without CPU load and your Amiga will be able to produce crystal clear sound.


Check out more on their Facebook page