If you haven’t noticed, Oslo tram system have changed. Line 12, 13 and 19 runs via Jernbanetorget, Prinsens gate (name of the street) and Nationaltheatret in both directions now. However, the trams does not run Kongens gate – Christiania peat – Kontraskjæret – Aker Brygge anymore for a period of time.

No change for tram 11, 17 and 18 happened.

Prinsens gate needs adjustments
Distrita visited the street today and there is chaos as those driving cars doesn’t understand or want to obey the traffic rules. Lots of cars went in directions where they shouldn’t. Here Oslo have lots to learn from the solutions made in other cites with trams in the centre. Santa Cruz (Tenerife, Spain) and Bergen (Norway), got excellent examples on how to build trams on streets only ment for trams.

Not enough information for car drivers
There isn’t enough information for the cars, where it is ok to drive. Many drives in areas of Prinsens gate, where it’s not allowed to drive. Especially arround where the new Dronningens Gate station which is in Prinsens gate is located. Here lots of cars bypassed the station, which is totally closed for cars if you look at the signs.

Prinsens gate opened for Trams

Dronningens gate tram station with clear signs saying its not allowed to drive with cars here, but several did it anyway on our visit

The signs says clearly that its not allowed to drive thru, but several did. We havent included those pictures as its not our job to tell the politicians. They have to find out solutions and this is clearly not a good solution at all.

Look towards Canary Islands solution in Santa Cruz, on Tenerife
Its really nice to see a new sections of Oslo tram system completed. Now the trams runs in both directions of Prinsens gate street and I hope that people and cars driving there will get more used to the signs, maybe!? The solutions made in Santa Cruz, Tenerife is an example of how it should have been done though.

Here is a solution from Santa Cruz in Tenerife, where it clearly says that no cars should drive there. Prinsens Gate in Oslo, should also have something like this telling cars not to go there. Very practical solution!


As you see on the picture from Santa Cruz in Tenerife. Her you have clearly markings on the road telling if its ok to go there or not. Oslo could have that also. There are barriers that Oslo tram uses when building tracks, that could simply be used in front of the station etc. Resulting in that only trams, police and firemen can bypass etc.

Here is some more photos taken on this rainy morning in Oslo, Norway

[foogallery id=”22288″]


Finally this road opens after several years of development. Still there are parts of Oslo with heavy development, but this is finally opened. We hope that Ruter and Oslo town looks into solutions, but this opening is in the right direction. Remember! Do never let busses and trams share road etc!


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