Many of the low fare flight companies in Europe struggle. But now we got some really interesting news about the Irish flight company Ryan Air. It is a flight company that is known for its white, yellow striped and blue airplanes that got one of Europe’s lowest flight prices. Now it is finally looking better again!

With Ryan Air, you can get yourself to many destinations in Europe for under €30. With some campaigns, you can get flight tickets as low as €7. Trond and I have taken Ryan Air from Oslo in Norway to Porto in Portugal with just 1-2 hours stop in London for just €37 for both of us. So we could say that it is very cheap if you don’t carry too much luggage with you.

Sometimes it is just nice to travel to see a new place for 3-4 days and then our experience with Ryan Air been splendid. Yes, their ordering site is a mess. They want you to order everything but you can skip everything. Wizz Air is another low-cost flight company in Europe that also does the same.

87,8 Million Euro in Profit for Ryan Air

Passenger numbers in the previous quarter rose 6 percent to 36 million for the flight company. Back in October 2019, it went down with Ryan Air but now it seems to have been a positive turnover for the company with passenger amount increased by 21 percent.

Increased travel seems to be related to more travelers choosing Ryan Air flight service in Christmas and New Year 2019. We hope that Ryan Air can continue to rise and gives the other flight companies a healthy competition so people’s costs stay low. Flying shouldn’t be expensive because it should be everyone’s right to travel everywhere on the globe for a lower cost.

Ryan Air earns a lot of people buying extra things from their site. But if you are smart, you can travel quite cheap across Europe.

Source: The Guardian, Borsen, YouTube