Portugal is a sovereign country member of the European Union. In spring and summer, the weather is usually warm and pleasant, reaching temperatures above 40 ° C, on the other hand, both the fall and winter have constant rains and remarkable fresh.


The Portugal’s cuisine is varied, but can easily fit within the denomination of Mediterranean cuisine, as its main ingredients are bread, wine and oil.

The capital of Portugal that is Lisbon is a city with a special charm that largely derives from the seven hills on which extends and your particular situation by the river Tagus. Portela Airport of Lisbon serves about 13 million passengers per year.

Commerce Square (Praça do Comercio) is the most important square of Lisbon. It was built where was the royal palace before it was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1755. Near the square, on the bank of the river are the station Cais de Sodré, from where excursions by the Tagus and the ships that cross the river.

In Lisbon it is always nice a ride on the tram as typical characteristic of the city. From the many viewpoints strategically placed at the top of river the views are always charming, hence Portugal is a place worth visiting.