Did you know that Haiku comes bundled with a personal webserver? Well, now you know it does! You do find personal webservers for Windows, OSX, Linux, MorphOS or even AmigaOS! But often they are difficult to find or not part of the OS standard package. With Haiku, you actually get PoorMan included. An easy to set-up webserver.

Webserver Info
PoorMan is a nice little webserver that’s extremly easy to set up. Naturally it doesn’t offer any advanced features like other heavy duty server software, it’s after all only a poor man’s webserver.

Upon its first launch, PoorMan asks for the folder that is about to be served to the web. If you go with the Default, a new folder /boot/home/public_html is created for you. As a start page a HTML file named by default index.html has to be present there.

PoorMan presents itself with a simple console that logs its activity. Then, there’s status information if the server is running, which folder is being served, and a hit counter. Settings are changed with Edit | Settings…:


The settings panel is divided into three tabs:

In Site you can select another folder to serve, enter another start page and have the option to send a file listing if the start page isn’t present.
Logging lets you de/activate logging to the console or optionally to a separate logfile.
The Advanced tab holds the setting for the maximum simultaneous connections.

The menu items of the console window are all self-explanatory. With them you can e.g. save (parts) of the console output, clear the console or logging file and start/stop the server or clear the hit counter.

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