On Monday this week, a temporary injunction against Icelandic media was issued. They are now forbidden to write anything about the most discussed scandal in the election campaign. This is about the Icelandic prime minister and his family’s financial transactions with Glitnir Bank ahead of Iceland’s economic collapse in 2008. The election is now on 28 October, but actions that several press medias have got lately is just unacceptable in a democratic country like Iceland! Grapevine news site is writing about this threat and so I wanted to post about it here.

Freedom Of Press under Threat on Iceland

This is a really special case, because Iceland is seen as one of the most democratic countries. Now as they pull the string about it’s forbidden to discus this scandal in the election campaign, now then it must be something even more serious issues on Iceland than previous thought.

If you have done something negative, maybe you shouldn’t be part of the political system on Iceland. On 28th of October, the Icelandic people will vote. It will for sure be an interesting election, because it will show a lot about how good the Pirate Party will do. On Iceland this political party got a quite special place, because they are in Altinget there. But now the hope is to see if they can increase peoples interest for them in this election.

A small Democratic country that is part of the Nordic countries in Europe

Iceland with its 332000 population is one of the smallest democratic countries. It is also a country that is part of the Nordic region of the world. Their language is sort of old Norwegian, but still quite different. It got a very difficult learning curve and is in fact one of the most difficult languages to learn. On 17th of June 1944, Iceland became a republic during the World War 2. It is one of the best countries to live in beside of Norway and compete every year about this status. The country is full of vulcanic activity, so the country is heavily based on this sources.

Many have criticized this demand!

“Iceland has fallen from the 1st place in the World Press Freedom Index to the 10th in only a few years, precisely because of these kind of chilling effects. This must stop now.”

Representatives of the District Commissioner visited Stundin, regarding this case

“Jón Trausti Reynisson, the editor of Stundin, told Grapevine he learned of the injunction when their offices received a visit from representatives of the District Commissioner and Glitnir. These representatives had three demands: that Stundin delete all previous reporting that they had done on the Prime Minister’s time as an MP, that they hand over all documentation that contributed to this reporting, and that they cease all future reporting on the subject. Ultimately, only the third demand was approved.”

In a freedom of speech country, this should’ve never happen. For sure those that feels guilty and wants to still be in the politics want everything negative to be censored. But it won’t. Distrita is writing about this, because this is totally absurd to do in a democratic country like Iceland.

It is also absurd that the press should have stolen the documents also!


“This is nonsense,” Hjálmar told us, referring to the legal argument. “There is nothing conclusive about the documents being stolen, firstly. Secondly, Iceland has been buying documents that have reportedly been stolen to find people cheating on their taxes. If it’s information that the people of Iceland should know about, that that’s the trademark you should look for. It’s as simple as that.”

It is soon election on 28th of October in Iceland, but these actions is for sure good ones for a country that wants to be a democratic one. Really provocative actions from District Commissioner and Glitnir here.