Russia isn’t a boring place. It’s a country full of great people, that does awesome things like the Polar Bear Club does.

They are a club in Russia which loves to swim in unique lakes during the winter. Real Russia is taking you behind the scenes and document how Russian’s is able to have fun. Ignore all of the political talks on TV. This is Real Russia on the Sarva Lake. A refreshing video.

The Sarva Lake 120km outside of Ufa in Russia

If you haven’t subscribed to Real Russia, we at Distrita encourage you to do so. Sergey have created lot’s of awesome content about how the life is in Russia without include political issues to his agenda. Russia is as USA, Norway, France, Japan etc a quite nice country to be in for many. The life goes on for the most and to see these people having fun is really awesome.

Unique spring lake with warmer water outside of Ufa, Russia

There is also nice GoPro video footage made by Maran Tanygin which is linked to from the video on YouTube.

Finally Real Russia is back and Sergey delivers once again with nice Polar Bears bathing footage is back. Making nice videos. It’s really good to see him making videos like the type he used to make. Those Russian girls not fearing the cold and snow also looks really athletic and in good shape. Russia is more than you think. A fantastic country with warm people everywhere.

Do you want to bath like they do? Do you even dare? This spring lake or pond is really interesting. Very clear water and I sit with one question. How cold or hot was the water temp? … Sergey! You do great documentaries. Continue with it!


Real Russia on YouTube