Świną Tunnel is soon here!

Świnoujście residents have been waiting for this giant machine that will connect the city center with the mainland in Poland for over 70 Years.

It is the last missing link in Poland. With funds from the EU, this project is finally on track after endless delays.

Something really great is happening in the town where I was born.

In the port of Nansha in China, the loading of a gigantic machine that will bore a tunnel in Świnoujście has started.

All of the 129 components of the machine will be placed on the Da Chang ship.

Between September and October 2020, they will come to Świnoujście in Poland.

The machine, upon arrival in Świnoujście, will be transported to the construction site.

There it will be assembled in the launch shaft and should start drilling the tunnel in March 2021 next year.

It is a tradition that the machine is given a name before it starts drilling, says Janusz Żmurkiewicz, the President of Świnoujście. – We would like the inhabitants of our city to choose the name he mentioned.

Residents of Świnoujście have been waiting for this permanent connection

For several years, the residents of Świnoujście in Poland have been waiting for this connection to be done.

It’s been a huge debate between a bridge and a tunnel. But it all ended at the tunnel. However, I think that the tunnel also should have a train connection for the UBB train that’s not linked with the Polish railways which you can find on the other side of the Świną canal river.

Usually, such machines are named after women. A competition for name-giving will be announced on the city’s websites and social networks.

For over 70 years. The residents have been waiting for this connection.

It will give a totally different life for those living in the city center of Świnoujście. No more queues for taking the ferries on both sides.

Today the queues are endless at times. It takes time to get to work or home if it is on the other side of the Świną canal river.

Gigantic Tunnel machine from China to Świnoujście

This remarkable gigantic machine is about 100 meters long and with a shield with a diameter of 13.46 meters.

Also, an equally large launch shaft is going to be built in Świnoujście – on the island of Usedom. It will be approximately 120 meters long and 20 meters wide.

The machine in the launch shaft will lie horizontally, and its diameter of 13.46 meters can be graphically compared to a very tall building. It will all measure 2,740 tons.

To take off, the machine needs infrastructure and a specially made shaft. Intensive works are underway at the construction site, in this part of the investment.

On the other side of Świna, on the Wolin Island, the reconstruction of the 110 kV high-voltage network, water and sewage networks in the area of the tunnel machine. Here it will be built a receiving chamber and further along, Fińska Street will continue there.

The construction site is also developed and powered by electricity.

The following materials are being transported: aggregates, cement, reinforcing steel, ready-made baskets for making sections of diaphragm walls, materials for the reconstruction of the utility network, and auxiliary materials.

Świnoujście will beat Gdańsk in Poland for having the longest tunnel

Currently, the longest road tunnel in Poland is the Gdańsk tunnel under the Martwa Wisła. That remarkable tunnel is 1377 meters long. The tunnel in Świnoujście, the investor of which is the City of Świnoujście, will be the longest underwater crossing with a length of 1440 meters.

The project investor is Świnoujście City. The substitute investor is the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Szczecin Branch. The project is supervised by SWECO / Lafrenz.

The cost of this investment is 912,462,026.68 PLN, of which 775,677,722.67 PLN is a subsidy from the European Union (85%). The investor contributes to the rest of the Świnoujście City Commune from its own budget. The works are planned to be completed in the last quarter of 2022. The contractor is the PORR / Gülermak consortium.

When done, this tunnel will have a toll plaza that will cost to pass for all cars coming or leaving the island.

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