The online success Pokémon Go game for mobiles and tablets drove nearly $250 million in tourism revenue in 2019. It made nerds, friends and even families that play this game travel a lot more.

Finding Pokemons on the Go

In this game, the task is to find Pokemons and collect them. This game became a success when it was launched. I haven’t played it myself but I do know a family that plays it all the time and they also go on Pokémon meetings.

The Pokémon Go mania can be described in the same mania category as when the online game World Of Warcraft aka WOW was a huge hit. All people of all ages play it and in many cases, it is quite dangerous as people look at the game rather on the street that they are driving on.

My friend had a nice method for when his Pókemon Go phone told him that a Pókemon is near on our trip to the Retrogathering event in Sweden. He stopped at the nearest parking area that was available where he had to beat the Pókemon that he found. Interesting.

Economic impact on tourism because of people playing Pókemon Go!

“Over the last 7 years, live, real-world events have been central to Niantic’s goal in leveraging technology to create interactive experiences that foster exploration and discovery, active and healthy lifestyles and lasting friendships,” Michael Steranka, Niantic’s senior manager for live events, said in a statement. “Niantic’s large-scale real-world events have had a true and clear positive economic impact on tourism, bringing people from around the world together for a weekend of adventure.”

It is fascinating how the economy makes a huge impact on tourism. But it makes people go places. I’ve seen people running around in Oslo trying to find these digital pets. It is an interesting sight to see.

Pókemon GO FAQ

I am not playing it, but should I? What do you think of Pókemon Go?

Source: The Verge