Do you remember the launch of the Playstation 2? The very first version of the console was the tower version. Then the mighty Playstation 3 with backward compatibility (1st one) which was also standing like a tower. And now Playstation 5 is here. The Design since Playstation 2 has always been standing versions of the console. Now there are people commenting on Sony’s choice.

The very first console by Sony, was released on 3rd of December 1994. Playstation aka PS1 is the only Sony console that has always looked like a console. All of the other Playstation consoles have been released as multimedia giants at the start before Sony shrank them and released vertical only versions of them.

Buy the physical version to the left! Do not buy the Digital Edition of PS5

All of the consoles by Sony after PS1 such as Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 have always had a tower / horizontal version released on the launch day. Then later Sony releases cheaper versions that are vertical ones only but they are as good. But now with Playstation 5 aka PS5 (which I will write from now on only,…) release getting closer and the design was revealed to everybody on the 11th of June 2020. Does it seem that the new design cant stands vertically at all?

First and Second Playstation 2 horisontal marketing by Sony

We need More versions of the new Playstation 5 design

All in all, I love the design of the new PS5 a lot. It is a horizontal standing chase design. There are lots of curves on it which make it blend to many peoples living rooms. Sony seems to try to make PS5 fit more into the living rooms of people by choosing white painting outside and black inside. However, I think that Sony should release more versions of its PS5 design.

Maybe the white painting design on PS5 can be replaced by other types of design colors later? I see around that many would prefer to have a totally black version of the design. Others want blue or even red darkish designs too. With the white painting the PS5 will for sure look different and more stylish, but for many hardcore gamers out there it is too white I think. But many people will just buy PS5 because it is the next generation Playstation console, but I know that Sony’s goal is to sell a lot. So then Sony needs to offer more I think.

Also, the new PS5 controllers are white and black on the presentation and on the pictures together with the console. I am getting a feeling of XBOX by Microsoft approach here. With a black version of PS5 controllers and console, I think it will look much better. Maybe use those blue led tones more somehow on the black version eventually?

Pricing of PS5 and Launch date

Only the games and the console was revealed yesterday. My predictions are that the Digital Edition will be sold for around 400 USD and the full version with BluRay 4K Ultra drive will cost around 500 USD. But do not buy the Digital Edition of the console. Keep that gaming experience with your PC instead.

It is important for me that people should not get the Digital Version of PS5. Save the used market and the ability to buy new games physically in stores.

Buy the physical version shown here! Do not buy the Digital Edition of PS5

With the Digital Version of PS5. Sony is trying to kill the used market and I will post a lot about this in the upcoming articles. Do not buy the Digital Edition. So now it’s the time to show Sony that a gamer like you want the physical version.

My huge advice! Support the physical gaming market as it is today and don’t let Sony destroy the feeling of buying games in a store anymore. That will be terrible. The diverse gaming culture will die out and that’s something that I will try to prevent as much as I can by writing a lot about the topic so that everyone is aware of the consequences by ignoring the ability to be able to buy physical games for your PS5.

Save the gaming culture by buying the BluRay version of PS5!