Here is a small guide on how to get games run without sound skipping. Distrita have tried to run Test Drive 3 and Novastorm games on MorphOS version of DosBOX and I must say that these two runs quite well.

Here is my tip on howto get ridd of the sound skipping:

Load dosbox.conf into your most loved Editor and find this:
[cpu] core=auto
cycles=8000 (I changed this from auto to 8000) – this option is about amount of instructions DOSBox tries to emulate each millisecond.

That should fix it really. I have tested this quite well now. Tried to change different settings, putting core at best and changed settings here and there. In the end I found this cycles setting to be the one that I needed to change.

Snap-2 - 1918x1078x24

Our test machine was a PowerMac G5 PPC machine with ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and MorphOS 3.6 installed. DosBOX runs quite well on this operating system, but also runs on Linux, Windows and OSX. One small note!: You might see the specs of your machine also if the sound skips further after this adjustment.