Everything about this game looks so incredible.

The art style, music, animation, etc. I hope the gameplay is just as good as the game itself looks! Because this game will become a highlight in 2022 when it is released.

First time I saw the trailer of this game was at The Game Awards 2021. Now were in 2022 and day by day it is getting closer to release.

If you are into games such as Flower which was developed by Thatgamecompany and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Or how about Journey, Flow, Rime, or Cloud? These types of indie games should have a much bigger impact on gamers worldwide.

It is therefore very important for me to introduce and make you all ready for Planet Of Lana.

An Off-Earth Odyssey Coming in 2022

Planet Of Lana is about a young girl and her loyal friend who embark on a rescue mission through a colorful world full of cold machines and unfamiliar creatures.

Planet of Lana is a puzzle adventure game framed by an epic sci-fi saga that stretches across centuries and galaxies.

A planet that used to be a place of undisturbed balance between human, nature and animal has now become something else entirely. The disharmony that had been in the making for hundreds of years has finally arrived in the form of a faceless army. But this is not a story about war. This is a story about a vibrant, beautiful planet –and the journey to keep it that way.

Planet of Lana is a cinematic puzzle adventure coming to Xbox & PC in 2022.


My first impressions of myself were striking.

Now we can get to see more. The developers of the game hit my Facebook page with a sponsored ad. It is one of the most beautiful ads that I’ve seen in a long time.

This game got character. It got personality from the start. I fell in love with Takeshi Furukawa’s music in The Last Guardian. I have no doubt that with his music and the gorgeous trailer already looking incredible, this will be amazing. I can’t wait!

Planet Of Lana shows that indie games can also reach beyond their limits.

I think it is important that people try this gem of a game. A masterpiece.