Music is more than just music. It’s the whole package! With the removal of mini jacks, Google is following Apple in removing the best audio standard in the world. It’s a tragedy for all that loves music.

The digital music world creates music quality that can’t give the beats that you need to be connected to the song or artist that you are listening to. Read our article about 5 reasons for not choosing digital sound solutions. Because USB-C is not the solution! Pixel 2 looks like an awesome phone, but without mini jack support. This phone as with Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X provides people with a much worse sound possibility. Check out or full feature article about this phone on our Electrita site! (continue reading…)

Video of Google’s Pixel 2 phone that will be launched on 18th of October 2017

You can read our article regarding the Google Pixel 2 here. This phone got so many great features. We even think that Google can win over Apple in the race for new customers. All of the specifications are spectacular, except for the mini jack removal. Here Google could have made a stunning new mobile, which is 99% great instead of 100%. The feature of having internal speakers going always forward is a nice thing though, but once you want more and better sound then Pixel 2 as with any mobile phones having USB-C instead of a mini jack connector looses. This is a scary digital revolution for sure!

Bluetooth 5.0 is better than previous, but it’s not giving Analogue sound at all

It is very nice to have wireless music listening option. I am also using Bluetooth headset now when I am writing, but it is not the same when having my Sony Bluetooth headset connected with mini jack cable. It is a totally different experience! So, if you want to have an awesome music experience in your living room or at your office. This digital revolution flattens all sound. It kills the souls of the songs played.

Digital sound can only be tweaked in steps. There are no ways of having sound volume between two volume steps at all. This results in that you adjust the sound volume up and down. Analogue sound is much better at giving you correct sound level. You don’t need to change the volume settings all the time. Especially when you have a little one at home, you want to adjust the sound of what you are watching so that the child doesn’t wake up. But when you start watching Netflix or any TV channel thru a Digital reciever. You end up adjusting the volume up and down in the different scenes because when explotions or when other high sound effects happens you adjust it down, but once the actors starts to talk you adjust it up. This is not needed on real analogue recievers or even hifi sound systems. I also don’t need to adjust the volume level when using mini jack on my Sony Bluetooth headphones with mini jack connector option. Same goes for our Sony SRS-X33 Bluetooth speaker with mini jack support, that you can read a review of here.

Digitial sounds very nice, because of the name. But in reality it’s only made for music to be played. However, what should be important is that the sound, voice and music should all be part of the music experience. Analogue tones is a standard that shouldn’t be replaced unless the new digital system could actually be a replacement. Because it isn’t! Pixel 2 is a fantastic phone for those that just wants a new modern smartphone with more options than the newest iPhone mobiles from Apple. Android is more free than Apple and it is a reason for choosing it instead. When paying for a iPhone you just make Apple even more rich instead of the many great mobile manufactures on the Android side that got much more freedom to customize their specs and phone looks. So, even if Pixel 2 doesn’t have mini jacks, there are several Android new phones that still will get mini jack in the future.

What do you like? Digital or Analogue sound? You can try to listen to a song like Kalinka by Alyosha from Ukraine. First you can watch this or any other musicvideo thru Digital sound first and then thru a Analogue mini jack headset or reciever. We can for sure.

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