A totally new political party is now in the Icelandic government. Pirate Party managed to become the second-largest party on Iceland. This is such an special event that we needed to share it with the world. Together with the Alliance Party, this new and fresh political party aims at doing Iceland even more democratic country than ever before. It will be interesting times ahead.

Pirate Party is announced by RÚV to be Iceland’s second largest party and the Alliance Party leader receives a majority in the election Saturday, according to preliminary television measurement. RÚV is mentioning this on their website.

The Pirate Party seems to become the second biggest party. If the numbers holds now, they will get 12 of 63 members of the Icelandic Althing, the TV poll, conducted for the broadcaster RÚV.

Will something happend in Norway? United Kingdom and other countries in Europe that is outside of EU now? Interesting times ahead for sure.

Map of Iceland