In Europe we have many interesting countries and one of the most interesting one is Iceland. A small island country that is mostly on its own in the Atlantic ocean between Norway and Greenland island (Denmark). They have managed to change a sinking ship into a full growing country again after just few years. A reason for this is Pirate Party on Iceland. Their political agenda is where Icelandic people wants to go and it leads the country to recover its bank crises back in 2008 totally.

Iceland fall and Superior rising history!:

  • Iceland let its 3 biggest banks fail after the 2008 financial collapse
  • Iceland bailed out its citizens instead
  • Iceland prosecuted those bankers that caused the meltdown
  • Iceland had one of the strongest economic recoveries ever
  • Pirate Party grows steady in the last 3 years
  • Pirate Party exceeds 40 Percent on Iceland in January 2016

The poll indicates that support for the Pirate Party now stands at almost 42 percent, up from 36.3 percent when a similar poll was conducted November 10-11.

The poll was conducted by phone January 26-27. Of the 801 people who were reached, 56.1 percent expressed their opinion.

While the Pirate Party have risen a lot. The Independence Party is now at 23.2 percent, which is down from 29.3 percent in November 2015. The Progressive Party and Left-Green Movement is on the very same level as in November 2015. Bright Future however got less support than ever in Icelandic history with only 1.6 percent.

This looks for me that Iceland really goes for becoming one of the most independent countries in the world. This mysterious island shocks the world but also shows how things should be done if big financial crises hits.

Congratulations to the Icelandic Pirate Party and for the total negative to positive turn financially Iceland! Kudos! More countries like Iceland and the world would be a much better world to live in for everyone.



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