A new light rail tramway project is going to be done within 6 years. The talks about a light rail line on the Phuket island in Thailand is something that’s been in the media for a long time. The construction of the line should have started now but it is postponed. Now it seems like it will finally be done by 2026

Millions of tourists visit this area of Thailand. It is one of the most known touristic places in the world and so this area really deserves to get a light rail system. When I visited this amazing place I saw cars everywhere. It hurt my heart and eyes as this part of Thailand is so beautiful. Nature here deserves attention.

I personally know that in towns that have introduced a light rail tramway system. The car traffic has been reduced a lot. This is seen in towns such as Dublin in Ireland, Bergen in Norway, Aarhus in Denmark, Paris in France, and Berlin in Germany.

The first phase of the light rail project for the Phuket holiday island in Thailand is to be completed in 2026. It will be the very first railway type of project in this region as the national railway in Thailand is about 230km away from the Phuket island itself. I think that this light rail project could have been extended there even. There is no reason for a light rail tramway system to not be built with low-density populations in mind. Just look at the light rail line around Gmunden in Austria with its 14500 people.

The first phase of the Phuket light-rail tramway construction, connecting Phuket Airport to Chalong Junction, was held at a meeting between Phuket Deputy Governor Wongsakorn Noonchukhan and Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) Deputy Governor Sarot T. Suwan is discussed. The meeting also gathered opinions from locals, businesses, and Phuket administration. Finally!…

Light Rail Tramway project still to be approved

The very first phase of the light rail line will be 42 kilometers and it will have a total of 21 stations. The line will connect the mainland of Asia with Phuket island. Except for 2 stations, the entire route will be double track.

The MRTA company will invest 35,201 billion baht in the first phase, with tariffs ranging from 35 to 140 baht per trip. Official studies estimate the return for project investors at 13.11 percent. The government is expected to approve the project by mid-2021.

If everything go as planned and the government is positive. Then the light rail tram operations are scheduled to open in 2026. Let’s hope for no more delays.

Construct the Light Rail line with 2 or 3 lines

Phuket people will feel much better after getting this service going in the area. If you can build roads then also rail-tracks for a light rail tramways system shouldn’t be difficult either.

Does the whole idea seem to be focused on one line? However, the map shows a side track to the Phuket airport. I think it would be nice of MRTA to have 2 or 3 lines. The first one as planned should go from the airport to the town in the southern part of Phuket island. A second line should go from the Phuket airport to Tha Nun in the north. Also, I think that a third line should run between Bus Terminal and Chalong either as a rush-hour line or as a full-time line.

MRTA in Phuket, Thailand also needs to be aware that it can take between 6 and 8 months to get positive income numbers. With a touristic area where lots of tourists will come. It will for sure give enough income for the public transportation company.

FAQ Phuket Light Rail

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