Petites Baguettes

Look at this funny, tasty and well designed box

There is a Japanese Pocky fever that have hit the world. These long sticks with chocolate is consumed everywhere and anywhere. They are delicious and there are several versions of them. My most loved version is the Almond Crush version. It tastes really great! But there are too few Pocky sticks in each of the packages. At least in the Japanese version. There is also one from Thailand as I understand, but the taste is different.

Petites baguettes Butter cookies gives Pocky competition

To do something brilliant, a French company called Michel et Augustin have managed to make coockie sticks with chocolate filling. It’s so delicious! And you also get more of the taste, even it reminds me of the Almond Crush Pocky series. Both are yummy, but this feel a bit more cookie. I haven’t tested the plain chocolate version, but this Almond version is really delicious.

Delicious Butter cookie Chocolate biscuit Review

Nice and inspiring mini bags inside

Nice package of Petites baguettes makes me Want more

One thing that Glice is doing with their Pocky series is the design of the packages. Michel et Augustin have really managed to make the package look interesting also. Not only the taste is good, but the whole package and design.

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Delicious Butter cookie Chocolate biscuit Review

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