One of the better transport construction games is Transport Fever by Urban Games. The developing team is from Switzerland that has actually released a very good transport tycoon alike game with proper 3D graphics. Now, Transport Fever has got a Performance Patch which also includes newly added gameplay features.

Video Explaining what Performance Patch contains

Patch Improves the Performance of Transport Fever

The main goal for Urban Games for releasing this patch is to improve the overall performance of the game, which many have complained about. The patch improves the rendering, simulation, and user interface performance. Also, stuttering due to monthly calculations or camera movement has been addressed.

In short, the patch brings significantly higher frame rates and smoother game-play.

Here is the full List of all improvements done to Transport Fever

  • Improved simulation performance
  • Improved rendering performance
  • Improved camera movement performance
  • Improved tools and statistics performance
  • Improved month change stuttering
  • Improved loading time and daily freeze for huge savegames
  • Improved line window: better line problem reporting and added info window
  • Improved line behavior: terminal assignments always locked and auto-fix button
  • Improved line manager: added search field
  • Improved general collision handling: check against new objects only
  • Improved terrain rendering texture sharpness
  • Improved auto save notification: visible in cockpit mode, too
  • Improved construction builder: allow building below water level
  • Improved usability: ctrl+c in text fields
  • Improved vehicle replacement error reporting when new vehicles are incompatible
  • Improved various resources: models, lod distances, colliders, etc.
  • Improved modding: tunnel types can now specify start/end years
  • Improved modding: show message when .blob files of meshes are missing
  • Improved modding: added collider functionality for constructions
  • Improved modding: categories for street, track and other menus
  • Fixed occasional multi-second freeze
  • Fixed return to menu/desktop taking a very long time
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong mods to be shown as missing (load game page)
  • Fixed music volume bug which appeared on game start
  • Fixed sound effects and voice over audio bugs
  • Fixed line rendering discontinuities and flickering
  • Fixed street upgrader: some streets were upgraded to incorrect types
  • Fixed aircraft rotation: rotate around back wheel
  • Fixed particle systems rendering order
  • Fixed text input field mouse selection
  • Fixed town building asset alignment bug
  • Fixed town buildings built on streets bug
  • Fixed game window appears on the wrong display bug
  • Fixed disappearing cargo items bug
  • Fixed not working vehicle driver animation bug
  • Fixed “Disable all mods” button on load game page not enabling start button
  • Fixed crash when vehicle has cargo types not used in the game
  • Fixed crash when a player-built industry with stations upgrades
  • Fixed rare crash while initializing new game
  • Fixed rare crashes while loading game
  • Fixed various campaign bugs in missions EU2, EU4, EU6, EU7, US4
Transport Fever is one of the best looking transportation games on the market Today

Performance Issues by people Reported

So, now it’s time for Distrita to test the game with the patch installed very soon. But by looking at the comments below, which is taken from the Performance Patch news item on site. It seems like some people got a performance boost, while others have got a much worse gaming experience. Bert vlootman 

Thanks, the game won’t even load now.


Game unplayable! FPS dropped from 15fps to 5-10fps
i5 3570k @4.5GHz, 12GB RAM, RX480 4GB VRAM

Doug Canon

All you this patch did for me, was to cause terrible LAG! Rendering the game unplayable.


New patch has made the game just about unplayable. Very jerky graphics even on very low resolutions. Shame!

You can check these commments on their official news item here.

The comments seem to be serious enough. If you experience more lag or worse gameplay, please give us a note in the comments section below. While Urban Games says in the video that they listen to people’s wishes. It seems as if their beta testers might not do the necessary work to give all nice gameplay all in all.

The whole Urban Games team hopes that the patch fulfills the high expectations and says thanks for your continued interest in Transport Fever!

Train Fever and Transport Fever is created by the same team. Please fix issues that people really want to be fixed. Here one of the commenters brings up one of many issues in the game, including no roundabouts, traffic lights, or one-way roads. The traffic in the cities in the games becomes totally unplayable after a while when the city centers have grown massively. Bill Allenbaugh

I wish there was a patch that would make it possible to build interstate roads, with smooth on and off ramps with smooth transitions, and elevated highways for more traffic flow. Better looking highway bridges too. Bridges is where it is at, can’t go wrong with beautiful bridges.

You can check these commments on their official news item here.

Urban Games should learn from the Cities Skylines developers

Transport Fever might be a fully released game on Steam. But the game is still not finished. Urban Games should have finished the game! Look at Cities Skylines developers.

All in all. We think that this patch is much needed, and it also shows that the game development of Transport Fever continues which is great. But we at Distrita wishes that they could learn from Paradox, which is behind Cities Skylines. They listen Way more to their players.

Maybe Urban will in the future?…

Transport Fever