A pink restaurant with a classic look of the 50’s! With homemade, fat American food?! Has to be tried!

Madrid, Spain: Finally, a classic American hamburger chain has come to Europe.

Peggy Sue’s finally in Europe and will extend to more countries

For the moment we find Peggy Sue in selected countries, like Spain, but more countries will come.

We have been on a Peggy Sue in Madrid and tested the food there.

When you enter a Peggy Sue’s the first impression is that you enter into the 50’s. We take a step back in time to the times of drive-in movies. The floor consists of pink and black squares. The walls are decorated with the same design. And the chairs are brown with metal.

Home-made service at restaurant!

Here you get personal service. Just find a table, and they come to you with the menu. You can sit and relax. Finally we decide to go for some of their classics. My friend is ordering a 26cm Hot Dog served with relish, onion, melted cheddar cheese, with toasted bread, ketchup and mustard. And I order their classic burger named Peggy Sue, in fact. It contains 140 grams of prime beef. The burger comes with grilled onions, relish, gherkin, chopped fresh, ketchup, mustard and a special bread.

Medium range prices

You can choose if you want it medium or well done and if you want other ingredients. The price for the burger is 6,35 Euro. The hot dog is 4,95 Euro. Here food is not served in plastic plates. And the coke we ordered comes in a real glass! The fries are well-tasting too.

For dessert we took a Peggy Sue’s Ice Cream with cherry, 2 balls for 3,95 Euros. Also, absolutely stunning!

The taste? It feels very fresh and home-made, in fact. It seems like they take care of preparation. Peggy Sue’s boasts that they never add any conserves, and we think that the food really feels healthier than the other chains. It feels like we have gone back in time, we get personal service from a girl with a friendly smile that has sufficient time to recieve our order at the table. It doesn’t feel that we are in a big city metropol. Here the stress and typical chain food have been replaced with home-cooked food in a relaxed environment.


A perfect Sunday meal! We will definitely come back another time. The food is not much more expensive than Mc Doanalds or Burger King, but you get a completely different experience.

In Europe Peggy Sue’s still is a small chain. But things are beginning to change. In Spain they have plans to double up the numbers of restaurants, and we hope that more countries will get the pleasure to taste Peggy Sue’s burgers in the future.

Check out Peggy Sue’s in Madrid:
Peggy Sues.