Those Amigans at website have made a quite interesting interview of Patrick Nevian. He is responsible for AmiWorx and Blue Metal Rose. He answers them that he is a classic Amiga user still today. His Amiga is an Amiga 1200 with 68030 CPU and a Amiga CD32. He also states that he have no interest in next-gen Amigas, but appreciate the hard work people put into this.

Blue Metal Rose Information
As you might seen, Amitopia TV which is our YouTube Stream Service, got license to stream their music. But even though I am a big fan of BMR, I didn’t knew that his wife Alice is actually the one that sings. Now they are currently working on their 4th album which is called “Love and Fear”.

Here you can watch “Blue Metal Rose – Why Anna” song from Amitopia TV

Tales of Gorluth II is on its Way
Patrick Nevian reveals in the interview that Tales of Gorluth II for Classic Amiga is still under developement. An Alien Breed alike game. At the moment he needs more funds to get it done. Seems like Kickstarter is the way to go. Its a wise choice. Indiegogo is another that is a nice site to go for. Distrita wishes him the very best.

Read the whole Interview on Generation Amiga website

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Blue Metal Rose