Passengers is one of the Most Intelligent Sci-Fi Love Story Movies ever made
Passenger is one of the Most Intelligent Sci-Fi Love Story Movies ever made
Passenger is a intense intelligent drama sci-fi Movie

Warning Spoilers! If there is one sci-fi movie that you should watch, that contains one of the most beautiful love stories ever. Then it is Passengers. A truly breathtaking sci-fi, with the beautifully Jennifer Lawrence. But not only she makes this movie stand out. Also Christ Pratt does a fantastic job. And now you can watch it on Netflix too!

A Sci-Fi Love Story Movie that is Intelligent from Start to End

Most of the Love Story movies have so many clichés! They tend to overreact on the love part and in the end you feel like you have watched a movie that never gave you any attention. Well, Passengers movie is a different love story movie. I will never understand how so many critics and, by extension, the “word of mouth” that ferments following their reviews, can be so wrong about Passengers movie. This movie is a perfect example, that you can make a intelligent Sci-Fi love story movie. Because both of the actors here are excellent at acting and showing emotions!

The first time that I heard about the concept of this movie, before it was out I was intrigued and really started looking forward to it. Two people stranded on a spaceship together. One woke up because of a accident, while the other one was woken up because of loneliness. And these two got this special connection, without any Aliens or yuckyness interrupting the movie experience.

Passengers is one of the Most Intelligent Sci-Fi Love Story Movies ever made
Jennifer’s acting in this movie is Perfect

Both actors seem genuine in their roles in Passengers

Also, I like both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Both actors seem genuine, and they don’t fall into the overacting habit in an attempt for critical accolades and make enjoyable movies. No performance in this movie was a let down, even the very limited time for Lawrence Fishburne who, again, is someone who doesn’t disappoint.

The story in Passengers is well developed and the cinematography blows you away. Expect to say wow to some of the water 3D effects in space. Granted, not the same concept as another great movie, Interstellar. This movie got a similar “feel” to it. But is much more down to earth.

Even the sci-fi rescue scenes where the actors rescues the whole ship parts is intelligent too. Just like Interstellar movie, there’s a lot of “what ifs” that make you think. One of the biggest is Chris Pratt’s dealing with the question of waking up another passenger because of his own loneliness.

I think anyone would have done the same and it wasn’t haphazardly tossed aside as a given. Loneliness is a killer for mankind and this movie shows what it can do to a person.

Nothing bad can be said about Passengers movie

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this movie and I really hope it doesn’t get cast aside with so many other highly anticipated and marketed movies that fail to perform as much at the box office. Excellent and intelligent movie overall and it is  well worth your time. Now you find it on Netflix! Which is the main reason for me writing about this movie. The movie got me blown away at the cinema when it was showing here in Norway and now its on the stream. So, I had to watch it one more time. AND I concluded that YES!

Please Give Passengers movie a chance and you’ll be blown away. This movie is perfect for lovers and people which also love sci-fi. There are no bad aliens in the movie, but all the gimmicks like the bartender and the robots doing all the work on the spaceship. Makes you even more connected to the whole setting of the movie.

Also the ending part of the movie is intelligent! Finally a love story movie with one of the best endings ever I think. It’s so good that I choose not to spoil it at all. See it to experience it.

The official PassengersTrailer

This movie moved my heart and I hope it will move your heart too. One of the best love story sci-fi movies ever made. There should more intelligent love story movies made. Just look here!

What do you think of Passenger?



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