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According to Google Analytics and other stat apps we may say something about who is a typical Distrita visitor:

Our Users

Male/Female readers

A great mix of 55% male and 45% female

Young and active readers

63% are 18-34 years old; mean age 28

Creative users

Many of our readers like photography, arts and design

Urban visitors

78% live in cities and urban areas. These people like the urban lifestyle and to discover new and exciting cities

Sporty people

A high amount of our readers are sports interested, and bicycling is the top sport.


Many of our readers love to travel. They like to read about new destinations, places to visit, cultures and transport.

Passion for food

Many of our readers love the lifestyle of eating and drinking out, but they also like to prepare dinners at home

Our Clients Believe Us

Manuel James

Manuel James

VR President, Themeforest

“I have just great words to say about Distrita. They deliver what they promise to 100%.”

distrita partner

John Mustlang

Vice Director, Greens

“I will recommend Distrita to companies that want to reach out to new markets.”

Bonnie Thompson

Patrick Smith

CEO, Matrons

“I have reached out to thousands of new customers and almost doubled my sales after I started to work wiht Distrita.”

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SEO-friendly articles

We will feature your business or brand in our magazine. A sponsored article will be a great way to show your business to a brand new target audience.

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Many companies have increased their traffic after we have written about them. We help you to reach higher ranking in the search engines.

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We have many fanpages on Facebook and reach out to a huge audience. We are also on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. We can use these channels to help you boost your visibility!

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Our partners have seen great results just after the launch. You are only one step away from your glory and success. It’s your time to shine.

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Just because a website makes content for a specific audience – say gadget owners or baby boomers – doesn’t mean that other groups won’t find and consume it as well. If you could walk into a brick-and-mortar version of your favorite news site, what would you see? Mostly women? Would you be surprised with what you found?

At Distrita, we measure and quantify web audiences. Using a combination of direct measurement and inferential statistical models, we’re able to determine the gender, age, income, and education makeup of a website’s traffic. We’re asked so frequently which websites are the best places to reach niche audiences, that we decided to create a definitive ranking for each group. We turned to our data and set to find out which websites drew the most male, female, senior, parent, wealthy and educated audiences.

Demographics by gender

Demographics by age

Demographics by location

Demographics for niches and catogories

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 ✅Medium rectangle ad
✅Size: 320 x 250 pixels
✅Visible on the homepage, the first and most visited page on the website.

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Sponsored Articles


✅1 Unique Hand-written Article
✅Includes SEO Optimization Package
✅We also become your social media manager

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Enterprises Plan

Complete Packages


✅ Medium Rectangle (320×250 pixels) 
✅Large Rectangle (336×280 pixels)
✅ Leaderboard (728×90 pixels)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer banners, sponsored articles, videos and social media marketing.

How can I get started?

Contact us and we will find the service that suits your business the best way.

How do I know that your services generate traffic?

We share stats and analysis with our customers and will be transparent about what works and what needs to be improved.. Our goal is to overdeliver rather than giving average results.

How can I be found in Google?

When sites we high authority links to your site and services, it’s a valued resource and will be an important factor for Google and other search engines.

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