In the Sydney northwest area, there is a district named Parramatta. Here the Australian government is building a totally new light rail route that will connect Parramatta with the Train line T2 at Westmead Station and on Parramatta Square station. Parts of the light rail line will use a railway section that was in use until the 5th of January 2020.

It is great to see Australia moving on with new Light Rail projects!

The new Light Rail line is expected to open in 2023. It will run from west to east and then back. This will be the stations on the route:
Westmead Station (T2 Trains) – Westmead Hospital – Children’s Hospital at Westmead – Cumberland Hospital – Factory Street – Fennell Street – Prince Alfred Street – Eat Street – Parmatta Square (T2 Trains) – Harris Street – Tramway Avenue – Camellia – Rydalmere – Dundas – Telopea – Carlingford

Rosehill station is getting abandoned it seems. Distrita thinks that any stations shouldn’t be abandoned. This one should have another light rail line going to it. Other than that this area is getting a huge facelift.

Here are some of the most important FAQ questions and answers


Light Rail routes is coming more and more everywhere. Parramatta area will get a fantastic lift with this new light rail system going there. It is all started on the 5th of January 2020. It will be built within 2023 it is said. So if you plan to go to this area within the next 3 years then expect some works here and there. Bus line 535 will take you to most of the places in the area during the construction period.

Distrita will follow this up. Also do not forget to read our extensive coverage of the Australian Light Rail systems.