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This is a reaction to Paradox answer to all of the Cities Skylines Community on a Steam discussion thread that made me post this. You’re about to destroy one of the finest communities by releasing this Launcher. Also, the very first message you get when you want to start to play the game is this!:

Paradox is becoming another EA! Cities Skylines makers ignores the Community 1

Community manager for Cities Skylines makes the situation even Worse!

Hey City Builders!

Aiwyth here, your new Community Manager for Cities: Skylines. You will probably see me around more often now :)

I wish I could have introduced myself to you during more positive times, but I believe we should properly address the recent situation regarding adding the Paradox Launcher to the game and your reaction to it.

Let me start with an apology. We failed to communicate in a clear and timely manner about the upcoming changes. We understand that adding an extra launcher to the game might be confusing and irritating, and ultimately we should have done better with our communication.

I’d like to clarify a few of the most common talking points on Steam. If you have a moment, I highly recommend reading our Paradox Launcher Product Manager’s post on the official Paradox forum under this link:
It explains in detail the idea behind implementing Paradox launcher to some of our games.

For those with less time to spare, let me provide you with the most vital information below.

We’re developing our own launcher to save game teams from making multiple launchers or implementing identical features across multiple games. It gives more time to our game teams to do what they do best – make games.

The launcher uses telemetry in the same way as all of our games have done so far. Telemetry does not contain any personal information and helps us a lot with improving game features. Apart from that, the launcher is unable to collect any other data. That’s why there was no new policy or agreement to accept, when it was introduced. I’m sorry if our previous messages might have given you a different impression.

We are aware that the current state of the launcher does not meet your expectations, that’s something we’ve been working on. We are reading through your comments and trying to get as much information about any on-going issues as possible. Please be as descriptive as you can while reporting errors.

We truly appreciate your feedback regarding the Launcher implementation. We’ll continue to digest everything you are saying, and it will help shape your experience moving forward.

However, some of the replies in this thread do not concern the launcher at all and are targeted at Azure. Like I mentioned before, we did not have any intention to make anyone feel less appreciated or make their opinion less relevant.

We’ll do our very best to improve our communication and hold ourselves to a higher standard, but we also expect this community to be more respectful towards Paradox’s employees and other players in the future. Personal attacks are not a way to give us valid criticism and cannot be tolerated.

The community around Cities: Skylines is incredibly special to us, and every day you continue to amaze and inspire us with your creativity. We thank you for your continued passion and dedication. -Steam

How is the community special to you when you don’t listen to it? Now you start acting like EA. This Launcher is no good. Cities Skylines community is clearly saying no to the new Launcher. But because of commercial interests, you even close the thread where people come with vital facts against having this launcher. You don’t even answer people’s comments about it. Why you broke the game for lots of people? Telling people that you did this because of ease the development of Paradox games?…

This is not what the Cities Skylines community wanted!

Please listen do them instead of ignoring what the community is demanding. You have become huge because of the community and now you are using it like this. It is really heartbreaking. Users should at least have a choice to install it or have the option to say no. But by forcing this on loyal Cities Skylines gamers is a really bad thing to do.

There is no need for another launcher because Steam is already one. If I could choose.. I would even go as far as demand to have a choice to have Steam or not too. But Steam Workshop is really well done. But when that service is over, lots of users are done for. They will lose a lot.

TRS2006 had choices for Downloading Assets and Mods

Paradox is becoming another EA! Cities Skylines makers ignores the Community 2
All of these TRS2006 assets were downloaded using the extra app that came with the game.

I remember that I paid for TRAINZ and TRS2006 many years ago before Steam was even a thing even. That rail construction and driving game are also out for Steam now in 2019, but when the very first versions came out. It had several options such as app and a download site which would let you download mods and assets to the game.

Updated on 07.02.2020 10.23 local time! TRAINZ DOWNLOAD STATION STILL WORKS

One of the sites was and still is Trainz Download Station which is a site that is still amazing. At that time the game didn’t require Steam etc. I remember downloading so many assets to my city that I was making at that time I remember.

See the video about the app and the Download Station solution

Download Station is still operational. Now, what is Paradox waiting for? This is a much better solution. Let everyone join the Cities Skylines experience!

Including having this app, there is also Trainz Download Station for TRS2006 where you could get the addons to the game as you can see above. But now it seems that launchers seem to become a thing to have more and more these days. Why do games need them at all? Why can’t gamers just click on the executable file and Run!?

If Cities Skylines had that .. then it would be the best. But I can only dream. Then people wouldn’t worry about if Steam Workshop goes down or not. Just the fact that missing items makes it impossible to load the game you’ve been making. With a personal app and a folder structure inside the gaming app directory working as it should. Then Cities Skylines wouldn’t need Steam Workshop and those of you that have bought the game from GOG or from other places would have much easier access to user-made assets and mods.

Paradox should give users choices!

Paradox is becoming another EA! Cities Skylines makers ignores the Community 3

Please change now before its too late. Many in the Cities Skylines community has bought every DLC from you and now you burn the heart of the game. We all still love your game but doing such a thing to your loyal gamers is simply very bad. Stop now! Please! Remove it or at least give users choice!

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