Here is some things, that you might not know about pancakes! Distrita together with our niche site Etrita, brings you this interesting article about pancakes worldwide and we even mention a pancake type,  that is cheap and contains only two ingredients. Today we managed to write this longer article about pancakes, because it’s the official Pancake Day today!

pancake-1984716_960_720Bigger and Various pancakes worldwide

The world’s biggest made pancake was made in 1994, and was 1.15 meters in diameter, 2.5 centimeters thick and weighed three tons. Enough to feed a hungry stomach or two. However, pancakes can be made in various sizes. The best thing to think of is how your pancakes should be and then use a pan related to the size of your pancake!

There are countless variations of the beloved pancake: While the Scandinavian pancakes that is made in Norway and Sweden are medium sized, with a thicker bunn. the French crêpe-one are thinner and bigger in size. The American and British pancakes are small, fluffy and thick. The secret lies partly in the use of baking soda or baking powder in the batter.

pancakes-2020870_960_720Pancake should be fun to Eat and in England they compete with it

Ever since the year of 1454, pancakes is not only for eating in England. It has also been part of an annually “pancake race” type of contest. In the city Olney in Buckinghamshire, England. The participants toss the pancake’s weather, before they run a certain distance, then toss the pancake its next destination again.

England have many weird contests and this one is one of them for sure. Pancakes are magic as if you use enough baking powder they will not be destroyed so easily. You might not think, but making pancakes is an art form for sure!

Pancakes are also fun to eat. They are in a way the same as soft tacos, but tastes way different. You can roll the pancakes or you can just eat them plain. You can serve them with lots of toppings etc. And this can be both playful and serious toppings. Do this your own way!

Why not try alcohol and pancakes? Then you should try the French specialty named as crepes suzette: Here soaked namely sheer pancake in brandy and orange liqueur (before the lights on and all the alcohol disappears). Pancakes and fun is really something!

Pancakes can be quite Expensive

The world’s most expensive pancake restaurant is named Opus and can be found on Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Manchester, United Kingdom. It includes lobster, Beluga caviar and truffles – and costs around 1110 EUROS! Now making pancakes at home makes way more sense, doesn’t it?
Cheap Pancakes with only two Ingredients!?

If you are out of ingredients or your pocket is low of money. Then why not make pancakes out of just two ingredients? You can make pancakes by using banana and oatmeal? This can be quite tasty and babies, children and teenagers will love them. If you can also afford chocolate, these pancakes can be really delicious also.

Conclusion to this article on the official pancake day is that there are all sorts of pancakes for your wallet and ingredients. Either its Pancake, Crepe, American pancake or Banana pancake. People eat this dish for breakfast, dinner or as snacks. Have a wonderful pancake day! From Etrita and Distrita ? <3



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