Just go to SlideSms.com with your mobile browser and type in SlideSms.com. Then type in the phone number in Recievers number starting with 00 and the country code. You don’t need to choose Country code and write the text content in the Message and press Send. And that’s it! YouContinue Reading

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There have been relatively calm from both Nokia and Microsoft after the giants joined forces earlier this year. The duo is working to stitch together “the best of both ecosystems, which in practice means that they will integrate the best of Windows phone platfor into Nokia’s phone platform.

A great way to communicate with friends! You send sms for free to all your friends with Iphone, Blackberry, Android phone or Nokia (Symbian). Check out Whatsapp and download it to your phone.

King Mohammed VI visited Rabat-Salé on May 18 to inaugurate the 19·5 km tram network with 31 stops and the 1·2 km Hassan II Bridge which carries the shared central section over the Bouregreg river.

We wrote about saveyoutube.com some few days ago. Here is another one. First of all, Umplayer is’snt only for saving youtube movies to your computer. It’s much more than that. If you know VLC Player from before, Um player is like that + a whole lot more. We have testedContinue Reading

There are many pages out there that let you download your favourite youtube movies, but this is one of the easiest we have used! You can choose to download in flv or mp4 formats, some movies even in full hd quality. The service is stable and fast. And the bestContinue Reading