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Fire TV customers that is related to Amazon, will get their YouTube support removed on 1st of January 2018 if Google and Amazon haven’t come up with a deal that both companies can live with. It seems that money is more and more important rather than giving people access. WhereContinue Reading

You wonder about how to get Android apps working on your BlackBerry OS 10 device? Well! They do already when you have got your phone, but these Android apps doesn’t require Google Account. There are two types of stores that comes with the phone. One of them is the BlackBerryContinue Reading

Viva Amiga – The Documentary About Amiga and it’s Amiga Users defending it This Documentary is for Everyone! It is made for You which is Currious about Amiga and Why you from time to time find Amiga users trying to tell you why Amiga is their favourite machine. Viva AmigaContinue Reading

You might wonder what kinds of drugs our furry animal friends uses. We never recommend to use any drugs, but what about the animals? If you throw your cigarette on the ground, eventualy a bird, a musqitoe or an ant might get addicted to the cigarette. You never know! Krmt,…Continue Reading