Since December 2017, the Aarhus Light Rail (Letbane in Danish) have been serving Denmarks second largest city. A city with a population of just 273.077. Then it is very nice to be able to show stats that the light rail passenger numbers are increasing slowly but steady. It is theContinue Reading

The construction of this amazing 26 km light rail line from the capital Port-Louis with only 150,000 (same as in Trondheim, Norway)  is now in service. For now only 12.5 km of the track is done but by 2021 it will all be completed. This article isn’t about the lightContinue Reading

Tram Line 2 in Budapest is more than it Looks

You might not know. But there is a bigger difference between a Streetcar train and a Light Rail train. They can have many similarities, but we have found 10 golden streetcar vs light rail differences that are important to know. These transit options are more than meets the eye. TheContinue Reading