China: In China, the Internet Police is looking for your web surfing. It’s very un-friendly towards free speech. The government also added a new rule last month which says that if you spread any false news on-line, anyone who do this and get caught, will get 3 years in prison as punishment. This happens if over 500 shares your message or if more than 5000 reads it.

This rule is rude as if someone is wrong in their statement. They will get punished, even if it wasn’t intended to be put on-line.  The very first person which have been arrested for violating the new, strict rules, was a 16 year old schoolboy from Zhangjiachuan in Gansu Province. His message was that the local police would have attacked the relatives of a man who had committed suicide, according to The Straits’ Times.

Another unfortunate woman, which is also from Anhui, wrote in a discussion forum: “I have heard that there’s been a murder in Louzhang – does anyone know what actually happened?”. More than 1,000 people forwarded it on to their contacts, thus the woman was arrested by police.

China is a crime towards human society. First they have communistic rule, then have added western commercialism and then put this into a very dangerous mix. China is like a “milder” North Korea in many ways, still companies flee Europe and USA for cheaper Chinese productions. Its very sad to see such powerful nation doing such powerful negative things to its own people. It hurts everyone reading about this.

China! How about taking the real criminal acts instead? Where is the pride to arrest a 16 year old schoolboy? Its a shame, shame, shame. You want to be better than Japan and South Korea? How about looking and them, and see how much better life quality is there. Look at statistics. This is no way of giving your people a better future.

Those 2 million which is working for Censoring and arresting Internet people for their opinions or writings. Is a waste of time. You should instead be out on the streets, help people who gets robbed, raped and other negative real life situations. We are in 2013 and you still act as if we are in 1960. You make the life for millions of Chineese like hell. Chineese people deserves better. They really do.






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