Biking around Oulu is super easy all year round! It feels like Oulu is simply made for the bikers!

Oulu, where to go in Finland?
Oulu where to go in Finland?

Once known for wood tar and salmon, Oulu has evolved into a major high-tech centre, particularly in IT and wellness technology. Other prominent industries include wood refining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, and steel. The municipality of Ylikiiminki was merged with the city of Oulu on 1 January 2009.

What to see in Oulu?

Kauppahalli Oulu

Visit one of the most spectacular market halls in Finland!

Kauppahalli Oulu, market hall
Oulu Market Hall was designed by architects Karl Lindahl and Walter Thomé, and built in 1901, according to Wikimedia

Try some local food at Oulu’s best food market! Have a selfie with the famous Bobby Statue, who stands guard here, in honor of the bobbies who used to patrol the marketplace. This is the place to buy some hand made local souvenirs! It’s also nice to have a little walk outside of the market hall, where there are lots of traditional wooden houses in different colors.

This market hall has a good selection of Finnish specialties like reindeer, bear and forest birds – and of course there are many kind of fishes. In the cafiterias you can have a Finnish soup lunch or a break eating something from the bakery.

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Where is Oulu Market Hall located?

Address: Kauppatori, 90100 Oulu, Finland

Oulu Market Hall is located at the seaside in Oulu, Finland. Visit this page for having a 360 degrees walking tour right now!

Tietomaa Science Centre

Test your science knowledge in Finland’s first science center!

Tietomaa Science Centre  Oulu
 Finland’s first science centre, Tietomaa Science Centre is the perfect place for learning, enjoying yourself, putting your brain and body at test or simply spending some time engaging in entertaining exploration

Finland’s first science centre Tietomaa offers fun and excitement for visitors of all ages. The changing theme exhibitions consist of over 150 exhibits, according to

The best place ever!! I go there every year at the summer, super entertaining and educational!

The place has multiple floors, and each floor is huge and filled with activities that explain physics and science in such a pleasant, easy and attractive way.

Every now and then they also add new activities which makes it even more interesting.

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In Tietomaa’s amazing super screen theatre  you will see fascinating documentary films in digital 3D format. The screen is huge, the second largest in Finland.

Try out their cool flight simulator in this science centre!

Where is Tietomaa Science Centre?

Discover dinosaurs and the northern lights! The main exhibitions are located in the former power station. Tietomaa’s 45-metre observation tower with a glass elevator outside the tower is a former water tower of the factory. Tietomaa also features a giant movie theatre, which at its opening was the first-ever purpose-built IMAX theatre in Finland and in the Nordic Countries. The IMAX system was replaced with a Barco 4K system in 2013, according to Wikipedia.
Address: Nahkatehtaankatu 6,, Oulu 90015 OULUN KAUPUNKI Finland
Visit the website

Nallikari Beach

It’s time for sea and sand! The beach of Nallikari stretches for about half a kilometre.

Nallikari Beach Oulu

Great beach, and lots to do. The downside is it just that if you want to swim, have a walk along the water to an estimated at least one hundred meters before the coming half-meter deep water. So the water is really shallow.

Mikael Ylimartimo

Where is Nallikari Beach located?

Nallikari is a seaside resort located on an island in the Hietasaari district in Oulu, Finland.

In addition to the beach, Nallikari resort includes a spa hotel, a camping area with rentable cottages and a seaside restaurant.

With certainly the best sandy beach I have ever experienced anywhere in Finland. This short swimming trip among friends in the middle of the summer turned out to be wonderful. Even during the weekend, the beach was not very crowded and had a lot of space for us to find a good spot by the water. There is also a resort and several ice cream kiosks for those seeking refreshments. Fun activities such as volleyball and ziplining are also available.

It took us only around 15 minutes to get there by bus from the city center of Oulu, so certainly not a long ride. The bus seemed to depart once every half an hour. Lots of guidance and signposts ensured that we knew how to get around and find the changing rooms and such.

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Ainolan Puisto Oulu

Enjoy this beautiful park with many little streams and white bridges!

Ainolan Puisto Oulu, beautiful parks in Oulu
Enjoy the nature in the middle of the city! Nice place for families or couples or nice evening walk by yourself. The North Ostrobothnia museum and a children’s playground are located at the park. Walk along the park and see the many little streams and white bridges. I can also recommend a nice little dog friendly cafe and good playground for kids there. The best time to visit it is during the summertime. Also home for outdoor theater during July.

Where is Ainola park located?

The Ainola park is located on one of the Hupisaaret islands, near the city center of Oulu. The North Ostrobothnia museum and a children’s playground are located at the park.

Ainola is very unique park which is situated to old delta of Oulu river. It is large and very attractive. There is also a museum in the area. there are many stems, small bridges and several seats even a grill place.

“An unique park middle of the city” | Read more reviews on TripAdvisor
The most relaxing place in Oulu!

A great place to jog / walk in the middle of the city of Oulu. Apparently, the city has been slowly investing in green areas and routes. In my opinion, the area has become more comfortable over the years.

In the summer heat there are good places for a little picnic or just sunbathing.

Apparently, a new summer theater building has emerged.

Tommi Kämppi

Liminganlahti Visitor Centre

A bird watcher’s paradise! Visit the bird watching towers and discover Finland’s many exciting species of birds!

Liminganlahti Visitor Centre
Liminka Bay is one of Europe’s most important bird wetlands. Tens of thousands of birds stop to rest, feed and nest in this area shaped by land uplift.

Where is Liminganlahti Visitor Centre?

Address: Rantakurvi 6, 91900 Liminka

Only 30 kilometers outside of Oulu you find Liminka, home to these amazing bird observation towers. Also visit the Escurial Animal and Flower Park.

When is is open?

From June to September Mon-Sun 10-16

This is one of the leading birding spots in all of Finland. Many birds use the area as a resting point during migration. Others nest there. The reception center has beautiful pictures of birds that visit the area. Tours are provided for school groups and visitors. There are camping spots available. Easy to walk trails. Five bird watching towers.Conveniently located South of Oulu!

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The evening flights of the geese, the spring dance of the ruffs and the autumn migration of the common cranes are absolutely amazing, according to National Parks.

See Oulu from the skies!

Watch Oulu from the skies! Our drone shows you spectacular views of Oulu, Finland!

Oulu is the largest city in Northern Finland. Founded in 1605 by King Charles IX of Sweden opposite the castle built on the island of Linnansaari, Oulu is situated by the Gulf of Bothnia, at the mouth of Oulu River, which is an ancient trading site.

Winter activities in Oulu

What to do around Northern Scandinavia’s largest city Oulu? In this video, I show you my top favorite experiences and activities in winter. From visiting a reindeer farm to Huskies and scooter safari.

Finland’s fourth largest city Oulu is a gateway to urban culture as well as to the unique nature of the North. Did you know Oulu’s cycleway network is the most extensive in the entire Finland? Even though Oulu is known for its year-round cyclists , everything in the centre is within walking distance.

Get the Exotic Northern Experience in Oulu

Oulu, located near the Arctic Circle, is one of Finland’s most enjoyable cities to visit. It perfectly combines northern hospitality, wonderful nature and culture with modern technology. Dog sledges could be one of the unforgettable things you want to try out in Oulo!

Oulu is the bikers’ best friend

Oulu is among the best Finnish cities for biking. It boasts more than 600 km of pedestrian and cycle routes that take you easily from one place to the next, according to VisitOulu. Oulu is a beautiful city for cycling. Its cycleway network, the most extensive in Finland, covers the entire city and neighbouring municipalities. The city bike system in Oulu is called ”Sykkeli”. During the summer season you will have access to 600 bikes and 60 stations around the city.

The locals are frequent cyclists, and some cycle throughout the entire year. Winter cycling in extreme temperatures is what makes you an Oulu resident. As much as 20 percent of all trips in Oulu are made by bicycle, while the corresponding figure for the rest of the country is about 11. This goes to show that Oulu residents really do like to cycle.

Biking maps and tips, as well as information about rental bikes and guided fat bike tours, are available from the Oulu Tourist Information Office at Torikatu 18.

Here is a map of all the bicycling routes in Oulu.

Rent a fatbike for your own activities

Rent a fat bike in Oulu

Rent a fatbike to discover the city of Oulu behind the handlebars. Pick up a bike from Outdoors Oulu and go where ever you like! Bikes are located in Knuutilankangas. Check out the map below for directions.

Where to go in Oulu? Problem solved!

When you rent a fatbike from Outdoors Oulu, you will have a phone with a map with fatbike trails on it!

Weather in Oulu

The coldest season in Oulu is in the months of January, February, March, November and December. The warmest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 20°C (68°F). If you wonder how cold it can be in Oulu in the winter, you can check the average temperatures here.

When is the best chances to discover the snow in Oulu?

The most snow falls during the 31 days centered around January 16, with an average total liquid-equivalent accumulation of 0.8 inches, according to WeatherSpark.

Did you know that the snow often comes already in November to Oulu? This is how the white Oulu looks like!

Can I see the Northern lights in Oulu?

I’ve spent most of my life living in Oulu, and even though the city is not all the way up north, we are treated every year to a magnificent display of the northern lights. The further north you go, the chances of seeing them increase. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, so check for flights to there.

The Guardian
The Northern Lights in the darkening autumn nights of Oulu, Finland.

Oulu is considered one of Europe’s “living labs”, where residents experiment with new technology (such as NFC tags and ubi-screens) on a community-wide scale, according to Wikipedia.

Visit the cathedral and 24 other places in Oulu

Other what to do or where to go list in Oulu – Finland is to visit Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral, Pohjoisen Valokuvakeskus, Vauhtipuisto, Kierikkikeskus, Kulttuuritalo Valve, Northern Photographic Centre, Ideapark Oulu, Atelier Gallery Kaikkonen, Kalevala Park, Raatti Swimming Pool, etc.

Where to eat in Oulu

Try out the local cuisine of Oulu, Finland!

Ravintola Uleåborg 1881

Uleåborg 1881 restaurant Oulu
The guests at Uleåborg 1881 should treat themselves to the tasting menu as it is superb! It is simply the best way to try out a great mix of platters. The reindeer is truly exceptional and the deserts are outstanding.

Uleåborg 1881 is one of the restaurants to absolutely visit when in Oulu, the Swedish name, which is – Uleåborg! The wooden log construction has a cozy, warm atmosphere, the staff is accommodating, knowledgeable and friendly and the food is a great mix of traditional and cross-over dishes with local ingredients. Definitely worth a visit – actually several visits!

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Where is Ravintola Uleåborg 1881?

Address: Aittatori 4-5, 90100 Oulu, Finland

Visit the official website of Ravintola Uleåborg 1881.

We were absolutely amazed at the incredible quality of food, exceptional world class flavor of taste, unique of keeping with Finnish cuisine and the best of all, the service. They took a simple Finnish ingredient and make it incredibly gourmet. I have never had better food in all of Europe. Absolutely fantastic. And to top this all, the service was class. Class. Class. Thank you so much. This was the best. Just amazing!

Jessica Kim

Restaurant Hugo Oulu

Hugo Restaurant Oulu
Restaurant Hugo, also known as Ravintola Hugo, has a very cozy atmosphere. It feels a bit minimalist but at the same time very stylish. We recommend to order a wine menu, and you will get the perfect wines to your set dinner menu.

Excellent classical food , good fish, nice vines and friendly flexible serving. Good tastes, nice simple set up, fresh quality fish, nice atmosphere.

Where is Ravintola Hugo located?

Address: Rantakatu 4, 90100 Oulu, Finland

Check out Hugo’s official website for menus and updated opening hours.

Where to stay in Oulu

Lapland Hotels Oulu

Lapland Hotels Oulu
Lapland Hotels Oulu offers you a chance to experience Lapland in the heart of a city.

An excellent place to stay. This hotel is very clean and the rooms are spacious. There is everything in the room including a kettle, tea and coffee and milk. The breakfast was very good as well and the staff polite and helpful.

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Where is Lapland Hotels Oulu located?

 It is located next to the Cathedral and the historical Ainola park.

Address: Kirkkokatu 3, 90100 Oulu, Finland

Check out Lapland Hotels Oulo’s official website

Original Sokos Hotel Arina

A classy and comfortable hotel right in the centre of Oulu!

Original Sokos Hotel Arina Finland
Hotel Arina located in the city center of Oulu next to the new shopping centre Valkea. Near bus and railway station.

When you choose Sokos Hotel, you know what you’re going to get. Competent staff, clean room, decent breakfast buffet.

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Where is Original Sokos Hotel Arina located?

It has a convenient location, only a half mile from Tietomaa Science Centre.

Parking: The hotel has its own indoor car park. The car park is located at Isokatu 1. A total of 38 spaces, no pre-booking available. Rates: 19 € per night, according to the official website.

Address: Pakkahuoneenkatu 16, 90100 Oulu, Finland